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Key Quest
Key Quest
ID # 1022
World Neopia Central
Category Multiplayer
High Scores
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Key Quest is a virtual online multi-player board game that is available for users to play on the Neopets website. The game was first announced on February 6, 2008, and open beta testing of the game began on July 29, 2008. The game was fully released on October 18, 2008. For some reason, when the Neopets servers moved over to JumpStart, Key Quest became offline. It is unknown when it will officially return, but TNT does intend on bringing the game back in the future.

How to play[edit]

You begin your turn by either rolling the dice or playing a power up. If you choose to play a power up, you will still get to roll the dice afterwards. The number of tiles you move is equal to the amount you roll on the dice. If you come to a junction in the board, yellow arrows will pop up. To choose the way that you wish to go, simply click the arrow of the direction. The types of different tiles are: Home, Neopoint, Key, Powerup, Minigame, Portal, Location, Character, Alignment, and Treasure.

As you pass the neopoint, key, teleport or powerup tiles, they will activate. To activate all other tiles, you need to land on them.

You'll get 50 NP, a key, or powerup for passing the neopoint, key, and powerup tiles, respectively. Getting to a portal tile will give you the option of going through the portal or not.

If a player lands on a location tile, they get 200 NP. And if they land on the treasure tile, they get somewhere between 300-1000 NP, a random powerup, and a key of their choice.

Also, when a player lands on the same square as another player, they can choose whether to have a duel with them or not. A duel is playing rock, paper, scissors with them, and the winner chooses a power-up out of 3 randomly selected ones.

The person who is the first to reach the exit after getting all the keys they needed wins the game.

  • A 2 key game gives lead to the winner and nothing to second to fourth.
  • A 3 key game gives bronze to the winner, lead to second and nothing to third and fourth.
  • A 4 key game gives silver to the winner, bronze to second, lead to third and nothing to fourth.
  • A 5 key game gives gold to the winner, silver to second, bronze to third and lead to fourth.

Note: When there are ties for 2nd or 3rd place, two or more players can get the same type of key for their prize.

Types of Boards[edit]

There are 16 different boards to play Key Quest on, all with different designs, and 13 different maps.

Board Map Layout Year Released
Neopia Central 1 2008
Haunted Woods 1 2008
Terror Mountain 1 2008
Sweet 1 2 2009
Springtime 3 2009
Ti-Key 4 2009
Moltara 5 2009
Sweet 2 2 2010
Springtime 2 6 2010
Ti-Key 2 7 2010
Neovia 8 2010
Ice Caves 9 2010
Sweet 3 10 2011
Springtime 3 11 2011
Ti-Key 3 12 2011
Haunted Woods 2 13 2011


Main article: Key Quest Power-up

There are many powerups to be found during the game. These help the person using them, or can hinder the person that they are used against.


When a player lands on a mini-game tile, a mini-game becomes activated. The winner of the mini-game gets a reward, whether it'd be a key or a power-up. For all the games, the person with most points wins. The italicized mini-games are the ones that have been retired.

  • Nova Matcher: Click on 2 novas of the same kind.
  • Daring Dig: Use your Zomutt to dig to the finish line.
  • Petpetpet Snare: Draw lines to loop the target petpetpets.
  • Spyder Scare: Use your Spyder to drop down to collect the items.
  • Faerie Labyrinth: Go through the maze and opening the barriers to get to the treasure.
  • Flower Frenzy: Watch the sequence of flowers, and repeat it by clicking.
  • Petpet Pamper: Use the hose to clean dirt off the Meowclops.
  • Neogarden Grow: Use the watering bucket to water the plants, and when they're ready, cut them.
  • Fruit Picker: Click and drag the fruits to your basket.
  • Poogle Carnival Racing: Aim the arrows to a target in order for your Poogle to move.
  • Berry Blast: Click the berries to blast them.
  • Petpet Pond: Cast the line and when the fish sees the bait, repeatedly click until the fish is tossed out.
  • Shenkuu Showers: Move the umberella above the petpets to protect them from the rain.
  • Orbliteration: Move from one green orb to another. Collect the pink orbs to gain more points.
  • Ghastly Guzzler: Feed the Esophagor while ducking when he spits at you.

Other Game Elements[edit]

A Character card is what happens when any player lands on a star with a question mark, where something happens that affects all the players, and could be either good or bad. Reward Charms are received when a player lands on an alignment square in which their token's alignments matches the faerie of the alignment square. If the token doesn't match the alignment square, then the player gets a Hex card, in which something bad happens. Random Events happen randomly and affect all the players, and can be either good or bad.


  • Bree: Places 3 new keys on the board.
  • King Skarl: All players get sent back to their home square.
  • Grimtooth: All players can only roll a 1, 2, or 3 for the next turn.
  • King Roo: All players can roll a 12-sided die instead of a 6-sided die next turn.
  • Jerdana: All players receive a random power-up.
  • The Dark Faerie Sisters: The colours of the keys get mixed around.

Reward Charms[edit]

  • The Air Faerie's Blessing: The player is allowed to move 3 extra spaces.
  • Everybody Deserves a Second Chance: The player is allowed to roll again.
  • The Light Faerie's Blessing: The player is protected from all hexes for 2 turns.
  • An Unlikely Hero: The player's keys are safe for 2 turns.
  • Keep Those Feet Planted: The player is protected from direction or position changes for 2 turns.
  • A Visitor From Space: The player is allowed to choose a key square, land there, and collect the key.
  • To Battle!: The player is allowed to have a duel with another player.


  • Don't Play With Fire: The player loses a power-up.
  • Friend or Foe?: All of the player's power-ups get randomly replaced with different ones.
  • You Need More Pockets: The player cannot collect anything for one turn.
  • Slow and Steady Does Not Win the Race: The player can only roll a 1, 2, or 3 for the next turn.
  • Beware the Bored Swamp Witch: The player gets sent back to their home square.
  • Whirlpools are Not as Fun as They Sound: The player's direction gets reversed.

Random Events[edit]

  • Bree: All players can switch one of their keys for a different-coloured key.
  • Portal Strengthening: All players within 3 squares of a portal gets teleported to another portal.
  • Portal Clogged: All portals won't work for 2 turns.
  • Direction Change: All players have their direction reversed.
  • Gust of Wind: All players are moved to a random square.

Key Quest tokens[edit]

Main article: Key Quest token

Within the game of Key Quest, each player is represented on the board by a token. These tokens usually depict a Neopet or a famous Neopets' character. When a user plays their first game of Key Quest, they are randomly given one of four starter tokens with which to play the game. To receive additional tokens, users must redeem one of the virtual prize codes found on real life Neopets merchandise or buy the tokens from the NC Mall using Neocash. Key Quest tokens are also occasionally given out as part of a site events, such as the Advent Calendar or the Daily Dare.

Each Key Quest token is associated with one of six elements. If a player lands on a elemental tile that matches the element of their current token, they will be rewarded. If they land on a elemental tile that does not match the element of their current token, they will be hexed.

List of Possible Prizes[edit]

  • Books
    • A Kau Summer
    • A Tale of Three Bruces
    • Book of Origami Paper
    • Bubble Sculptures
    • Chocolate Ogrin Cookbook
    • Day In The Life Of King Roo
    • Dress For Success
    • Fishing For Zafaras
    • Jetsam Teeth Maintenance
    • Kiko Pop-Up Book
    • Maraqua Colouring Book
    • More Than Carrot Cake
    • Neogarden Nimmo
    • Nimmo of Doom
    • Nimmo - Now and Zen
    • Ogrin Survivor
    • Planning Shenkuu Gardens
    • Scratchcard Secrets
    • Slugawoo Art
    • The Curse Of The Pirate Aisha
    • The Life of a Double Crosser
    • The Luckiest Babaa
    • The Plushie Coffee Table Book
    • The Secret of Treasure Island
    • The Tooth Story
    • Toast Treats
    • Whinny Meadows
    • Yurble Tales
  • Halloween Special
    • Haunted Mynci
    • Haunted Woods Reader
    • Scary Peophin Tales
    • Spooky Buzz Tales
    • Spooky Food Ideas
    • Spooky Kau Story
    • Spooky Korbat Stories
    • Spooky Skeith Adventures
    • Spooky Stories
  • Collectible
    • Anshu Stamp
    • Captain Tuan Stamp
    • Draik Guard Stamp
    • Everlasting Crystal Apple Stamp
    • Gelert Prince Stamp
    • Kazeriu Stamp
    • Master Vex Stamp
    • Monoceraptor Claw Stamp
    • Orange Draik Stamp
    • Petpet Growth Syrup Stamp
    • Roast Gargapple Stamp
    • Shenkuu Stamp
    • Shiny Purple Cowry Shell
  • Halloween Special
    • Halloween Aisha Stamp
  • Neggs
    • Blue and Red Checkered Easter Negg
    • Cookie Negg
    • Cool Negg
    • Frozen Negg
    • Icy Negg
    • Lemon Swirly Negg
    • Lime Swirly Negg
    • Negg
    • Purple Cybunny Negg
    • Purple Negg
    • Scrambled Rainbow Negg
    • Speckled Negg
    • Super Icy Negg
    • Ultra Icy Negg
  • Neohome
    • Chalkboard
    • Grundo Inspired Dresser
    • Heart Toast Sculpture
    • Orange Grundo Chair
    • Orange Grundo Wardrobe
    • Orange Kreludan Bed
  • Halloween Special
    • Spooky Nimmo Stained Glass Window
  • Special
    • Bri Codestone
    • Eo Codestone
    • Har Codestone
    • Kew Codestone
    • Lu Codestone
    • Main Codestone
    • Mau Codestone
    • Orn Codestone
    • Sho Codestone
    • Tai-kai Codestone
    • Vo Codestone
    • Vux Codestone
    • Zed Codestone
    • Zei Codestone
    • Bottled Air Faerie
    • Bottled Dark Faerie
    • Bottled Earth Faerie
    • Bottled Fire Faerie
    • Bottled Light Faerie
    • Bottled Water Faerie
    • Piece of a Treasure Map (#3)
    • Secret Laboratory Map (#4, #5, #6, #8, #9)
    • Biscuit Paint Brush
    • Camouflage Paint Brush
    • Cloud Paint Brush
    • Electric Blue Paint Brush
    • Ghost Paint Brush
    • Glowing Paint Brush
    • Snow Paint Brush
    • Speckled Paint Brush
    • Starry Paint Brush
    • Striped Paint Brush
    • Tyrannian Paint Brush
  • Wearable
    • Bone Vault Background
    • Cloudy Sky Background
    • Courgette Field Background
    • Ghostkerscarf
    • Ice Caves Background
    • Janitorial Closet Background
    • Moon and Stars Background
    • Neohome Background
    • Raining Doughnuts Background
    • Veiled Autumn Hat

Paint Brushes

- Camo Paint Brush


  • There is also an Open Beta page where players can play Key Quest there instead of the main page, where new features are tested out there.
  • There are many hints which indicate that the game will not finish, or will end abnormally due to a glitch.
    • If in the beginning of the game, one player's token couldn't finish loading.
    • If the die couldn't stop rolling.
    • If the tokens are all moving abnormally fast.
    • If a player is unable to post messages in the chat function.
    • If players get their turns skipped for no reason.
  • The main controversy of this game is that old or slow computers have a major disadvantage in mini-games since the game is very big and causes lots of lag.
  • On January 29, March 3, March 14, and April 30, 2009, between certain time frames of playing Key Quest, a player would receive double keys and an additional prize. Also, from October 17 to November 1, 2009, players received double keys when playing on the weekend.
    • The Moltara board contains 4 Fire alignment squares and 3 Earth alignment squares, so far being the only board that doesn't have one alignment square for each element.

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