Scorchy Slots

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Scorchy Slots
Scorchy Slots
ID # 8
World Neopia Central
Category Luck & Chance
High Scores
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Scorchy Slots is a slot machine style game that was released on April 10, 2000. It costs 5 Neopoints to play. In this game, players spin the slots in hopes of getting three or four of the same symbol in a row. Players can also earn bonus prizes by filling up the game's feature bar.

How to Play[edit]

To play the game, the player simply has to click the Play Again button. Every time that the player clicks this button, they pay 5 NP and spin the slots. At random intervals, the slot machine will give the player the option to hold reels. Reels that are held will not change their symbol during the player's next spin. To hold a reel, the player must check the checkbox directly below the reel or reels that they wish to hold. The player can hold zero to four reels at a time.


Whenever the player gets three or four of the same symbol in a row, they receive a prize. The prize received depends on the number and type of symbol:

Symbol Prize for three in a row Prize for four in a row
Cherry 0.gif
15 NP 75 NP
Strawberry 0.gif
30 NP 150 NP
Grapes 0.gif
60 NP 300 NP
Melon 0.gif
90 NP 450 NP
Apple 0.gif
120 NP 600 NP
Symbol Prize for three in a row Prize for four in a row
Peach 0.gif
180 NP 900 NP
Bell 0.gif
240 NP 1,200 NP
Mappiece 0.gif
Map piece
One Piece of a treasure map item Three Piece of a treasure map items
Faerie 0.gif
One Fading Bottled Faerie Six Fading Bottled Faeries
Baggold 0.gif
Bags of Gold

Feature Bar[edit]

Some of the symbols on the slot reels have a small number in yellow in their lower right corner. These yellow numbers fill up the feature bar that is located directly below the reels. If the player manages to fill up all eight space on the feature bar, a volcano will erupt and one of the following events will happen:

Message Effect
A flock of Korbats surround you. When they leave you are 20 Neopoints poorer! Lose 20 NP
An evil Scorchio flies out of the Volcano and steals 10 Neopoints from you!! Lose 10 NP
One of your Neopoints erupts in flames! Lose 1 NP
The Volcano says 'Sorry, out of luck mate!' No effect
You only win a single Neopoint :( Gain 1 NP
Two Neopoints fall out of the sky onto your head. Gain 2 NP
Twenty Neopoints fly out of the volcano!! Gain 20 NP
A light faerie magically appears next to you and gives you 30 Neopoints! Gain 30 NP
It's raining Neopoints, you pick up as many as you can carry! Random number of NP under 50
A couple of Neopoints rain from the sky, you pick up a handful. Random number of NP under 25

Normally, the feature bar resets to zero with each new spin. However, sometimes the text "FEATURE POSITION HELD FOR NEXT SPIN" will appear above the feature bar. When this happens, the current number on the feature bar is held over and added to the player's next spin. This text always appears whenever the player receives the option to hold reels.

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