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ID # 6
World Virtupets Space Station
Category Luck & Chance
High Scores
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Gormball is a turn-based PHP-based game played in the Space Station released on September 23, 2000. In the game, users take the role of one of eight players, and pass the Gormball around the circle until it explodes. The Gormball is a filled with water, and may explode at any time. Users have the opportunity to choose how long to wait with the ball before passing it on: the longer one does so, the more points one earns, but a user must be sure to throw it to the next player before it should explode.

When it explodes with a character holding it, they are out of the game, and the number of points they have accumulated become translated into Neopoints awarded to the player.

The object of the game is to accumulate points and be the last player standing. Each game costs 20 NP, with items - in addition to Neopoints - being offered as game prizes. Randomly during playing, one may receive a special Gormball bonus of points or items.

How to play[edit]

Players pass the ball around in a counterclockwise circle one person at a time. The person holding the ball has to choose a number of seconds (1 to 5) before passing it to the next player. The ball is set on a random timer on how many seconds it will take before it goes off. When it goes off on a player that player is disqualified, and the last person remaining is the winner.

The players[edit]

head_1.gif Thyassa the Chia He may seem cute, and playful, but he is nothing of the sort. Thyassa is the most devious clever Gormball player ever on the face of Neopia. Ranked #1 in the world, and undefeated in all major championships. This Chia is one to be reckoned with!
head_2.gif Brian the Scorchio Brian has been known to cheat... just watch him, his eyebrows start to twitch when he is thinking of new ways to win unfairly! Currently ranked #41 in the world, he bears the shame of being kicked out of last worlds Gormball championships for using a rigged ball!
head_3.gif Gargarox Isafuhlarg When he is not compacting lovely gourmet food into easy to swallow nutrient pills, Gargarox loves to play Gormball. His cafe 'Grundos' supplies all the catering for the major championships.
head_4.gif Farvin III, Alien Aisha From a long long way away (a REALLY long way), the Alien Aishas have landed and set up shop in Neopia. Their aim - to sell their special food to please all the pets of Neopia. Did I mention that they use their interstellar powers to play a mean game of Gormball? Six ears are certainly better than two, for they use their extra sensory hearing to judge just exactly when that ball is going to blow...
head_5.gif Ember the Fire Faerie All the other faeries mocked her when she said she wanted to compete in the Annual Gormball Championships, but Ember didn't care. What did those silly girls know anyway? Blessing pets, casting spells, all that is BOOOORING! She has her mind focused on the task, nothing can distract her... the championship will be hers!
head_6.gif Zargrold the COOL Grundo Well, hey, you know... its Gormball isn't it, easy… piece of cake. Its not the winning or the losing that I care about, its just taking part, oh... and winning all those magical items :)
head_7.gif Ursula the Usul For six years I have been alone now, training at the top of Mount Usalin. I have reached the pinnacle of my studies and now nobody can defeat me. For me, Gormball is the point of existence, it flows through me, into my veins, binding me together. My studies will pay off, oh yes, there will be only one winner this year... Ursula Usul.
head_8.gif Kevin the Korbat Kevin has stepped in at the last minute, replacing Dr. Sloth who had to … erm.. do something elsewhere. He isn't that good, but he is a great learner!


  • There is an Annual Gormball Championship every September between the above players.
  • The opening lines on the Gormball page - "Zurroball ..... Booorring! Frumball ..... As If!! Gormball ..... YEAH!" - would inspire the - much later - games of Zurroball and Frumball.
  • Some of the bonus Gormballs appear to have inspired some of the balls in Zurroball - such as one made out of energy and one of metal.
  • The Gormball Screensaver was added on September 22, 2007.

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