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Players' inventories are meant to hold up to 50 items, but can hold more.

An Item is anything in Neopets which can be placed in a user's Inventory for use while playing on the website. The term "item" itself is very broad, and can describe non-living things - e.g. food, books, etc. - as well as certain living things - Petpets, Bottled Faeries, plants, etc. Items may be traded, sold, given away or discarded, with the exception of a few special items where this is restricted, such as with Petpets or paintbrushes from the newbie-pack, or certain plot items.

The basic Neopian currency - Neopoints - do not exist as physical items, but certain others - Dubloons and Nerkmids - do. The single case where Neopoints do appear in one's inventory is as the item Bag of Broken Neopoints. In this state, they do not serve as a medium of exchange, but can be fixed by Donny - being removed from the users inventory in the process - and become actual Neopoints.

Many users make it a hobby to collect certain items or types of items, and many make a gallery to share them with others. As of September 2014, there are over 45,000 different items in Neopia.

The buying and selling of items is also the main way many users make Neopoints, either through restocking or investing. Restocking (or RS) is when a user finds items at a main shop that sell for less than the user shops on the Shop Wizard. Investing is done by finding items in the Shop Wizard or elsewhere that are currently selling for less than what the user believes they will be selling for later. For example, Christmas items in June sell for a lot less then they do in December.


Items are assigned a rarity code that relates to how the item can be obtained. Only items with a rarity of between 0 and 100 restock in the main, non-player owned shops. Items restock less frequently as their rarity approaches 100. Only items with a rarity of between 0 and 98 will appear in the Neopets search engine. Food items between 90 and 100 in rarity count as gourmet food for the Gourmet Club. If an item is retired from the main shops - ie, it no longer restocks there - it is rarity code is changed to 180.

Rarity 101 is reserved for "freebie" items, such as items that may be given out from dailies or plots, but that do not restock in the shops.

Numbers between 101 and 180 are assigned to items given away from different sources and to differentiate the items from rarity 101 items. The website versions of Neopets TCG cards are assigned different numbers depending on their rarities: 101 for common, 103 for uncommon, 107 for rare, and 110 for holo. While prizes exclusive to the Snow Faerie Quests and Illusen's Glade are given the rarity 101, awards from Brain Tree Quests and Jhudora's Bluff are assigned the codes 120 and 130, respectively. While some Rare Item Code prizes were assigned rarities of 101, others were assigned rarities of 138 and 140.

Items available through the Hidden Tower, which while not being a player-owned shop does not restock in the same way as other shops do, are assigned the code 200 and called 'artifacts'. Some of the artifacts that are not available from the Hidden Tower - those that have been retired, or are made from combining Hidden Tower items in the Cooking Pot, are given the code 250. Other retired Hidden Tower items - such as the Monoceraptors Claw, were given the rarity number 180.

Neocash items are given a rarity of 500.

Inventory Tags[edit]

When seen in the users inventory, some items will be labelled with certain tags after their name, which signify difference between them and other items. They are:

  • Special - Items which usually require the user to perform certain actions to obtain. These can include prizes from Dailies, games, Quests, plots, Rare Item Codes, special shops, Treasure Map pieces, World Challenge pieces, the Cooking Pot, the NC Mall, and items which give the user other items when used (such as the cracker).
  • Shaking - Exclusive for Codestones, it notes the shaking and instability of the Codestone while the user is holding it.
  • Humming - Tag used to mark Paint Brushes.
  • Wearable - Signifies a clothing item that can be placed in the user's "closet" for Neopets Customisation.
  • Neohome - Signifies a furniture item that can be placed in the user's "Neohome Storage Shed" to decorate their Neohome. This does not mean the item can necessarily be put in Classic Neohomes.


There are many different types of items in Neopets, all of which have different uses and purposes. Below are all the current categories items fall under as of September 2011:


  • There is a book titled Rare and Retired Items, which is said to reveal "what those hard to get items are all about". However, owning this book or reading it to a Neopet doesn't give a user any new knowledge about items.

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