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The Games Room is a section of the Neopets website where users can find and play Neopets themed browser games. While a few older games are simply implemented in HTML, most games in the Games Room require the user to have Flash installed on their computer. There are also a handful of games that require Shockwave and 3DVIA Player.

Rewards[edit] be added...

Game categories[edit]

If actions speak louder than words, do some shouting in these action-packed games!
See Category: Action Games
Who knows what you'll encounter as you travel to the farthest reaches of Neopia?
See Category: Adventure Games
Brain Busters
Bending spoons with the power of your mind might be easier than these brain teasers!
See Category: Brain Busters Games
Card & Board
Think fast! A good strategy is the first step toward victory.
See Category: Card & Board Games
Luck & Chance
Nothing ventured, nothing gained -- are you willing to risk it all for a huge NP payout?
See Category: Luck & Chance Games
If your brains are more powerful than your brawn, give a few of these Puzzle games a go.
See Category: Puzzle Games

High Scores and Trophies[edit] be added...


  • On March 29, 2007, The Neopets Team updated users high scores ranks to be more accurate when compared to the rest of the gaming community. They also began to edit the NP ratio on a daily basis, based on how much NP a certain game would be giving out.
  • On February 26, 2003, The Neopets Team stated that the high scores would be reset on the first of every month. Before this, they were only reset when they were scores attained while cheating in the games.
  • The Top Gamer avatar can only be acquired when 250 different high scores are tallied for games.
  • There is another category called Sponsor Games, but with JumpStart buying Neopets, that category disappeared without a trace, and JumpStart also took Petpet Park and the unrelated-to-neopets game Monkey Quest along with it.

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