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When a Jetsam eats any Aquatic Petpet, the user receives the Chomp! Avatar.

Avatars are graphic icons (sized 50 by 50 pixels) which are displayed next to a user's username when you send a NeoMail or post a message in the NeoBoards. You can change your avatar by going to the NeoBoards and clicking Chat Preferences.


There are 56 default avatars which are provided to players automatically, depicting every Neopet and common Faerie, but there are currently over 300 secret avatars which can be unlocked. To find these, users must perform tasks such as getting a high score at a flash game (Score 10,000+ points in Snow Wars II), visiting a particular page (View the Grey Faerie's Neopedia article), or equipping their pet with a certain Battledome Equipment (own a Grarrl and equip it with Bony Grarrl Club). These are just a few ways to acquire them.

When certain items are needed for an avatar, it can boost the item's price considerably. Such an example is use of the Nerkmid, making them almost unbuyable due to the large price. When items used to get avatars can be reused (i.e. don't disappear), users can lend them out (for collateral or for free) so others can obtain the avatar without having to buy the item themselves. Some users do this with Neopets, as certain types of Neopets yield different avatars (different colours, the age of the Neopet or Petpet which is attached to it, etc.). Neopet lending is risky, as transferring a Neopet through the Neopian Pound does not guarantee it will reach the correct destination owner (though it is now much safer) and be returned to the original owner.

Avatar collecting is also a contest to some users, and a high score list exists, giving an avatar itself for having the very top positions.

Avatar Examples[edit]

Avatar How To Receive
snowmuncher.gif Snowmuncher Get a score of 5000 more in the game Snowmuncher.
kioskwocky.gif Kiosk Wocky Win at the kiosk.
capara.gif Capara Beat Capara in the first level of Cheat!. A Random Event.
illusen.gif Illusen Get up to Level 20 in Illusen's Quest.
jhudorascloud.gif Jhudora Get up to Level 20 in Jhudora's Cloud.
cracked.gif Baby Pteri - Cracked View any Baby Pteri's pet-lookup.
angelpuss.gif Angelpuss - Angel Look at the item description of an Angelpuss.
chokato.gif Chokato Buy a Chokato (TCG) and refresh your Inventory. A random event.
sloth.gif Sloth! Gained through a random event.
nightsteed.gif Nightsteed View the pet lookup of a Halloween Uni between the hours of 8pm and 6am NST.
dung.gif I'm Smelly Have 10 different Dung items in your Inventory and refresh. A Random Event.
chocolate.gif Chocolate Buy a rarity 90+ item from the Chocolate Factory.
ednacackle.gif Edna - Cackle! Complete one of Edna's Quests. A Random Event.
bilgedice.gif Bilge Dice (Random event) Score a perfect 24 in Bilge Dice.
sssidney.gif Sssidney Win any prize on a Spooky Scratchcard.
nq1erick.gif NeoQuest - Wise and Powerful Give the Clouded Gem to Erick the Cybunny in Neoquest.
mathsbabaa.gif Babaa - Maths Nightmare Place in the top 50 for Maths Nightmare.


  • There is a Book called Avatar Collector Guide which is said to give tips to getting all the elusive avatars, but it does in no way help a user attain any.
  • While avatars only exist for the user to see and not in Neopia, a reference to the way avatars are gained was shown in a Jetsam Fun Image released on October 16, 2007. In it, a Pink Jetsam eats an Aquatic Petpet, and the Jetsam Chomp! avatar pops out of its mouth. Avatars and how to get them can also be featured in fictional stories in the Neopian Times.

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