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Description: Grarrl
Info Page: Grarrl
Special Day: 4 October
Amount Created: 5,656,614 (19th - 2.02%)
How to Draw · Rainbow Pool

The Grarrl is a dinosaur-like Neopet that was among the original 14 Neopets available from the site's launch on 15 November 1999. They have an upright posture like earlier depictions of Tyrannosaurus Rex, which is now thought to have stood approximately parallel to the ground. Grarrls have voracious appetites and like Skeiths can eat any type of item, not just food. If a Grarrl goes hungry and its owner views the Quick Ref page, it may take an item from the owner's inventory to eat.

Grarrls enjoy wanton destruction and are as likely to tear up trees as to walk around them. They are known for their powerful bite and loud roars, which are how Grarrls hatch their eggs.

The Maraquan Grarrl is modeled off of a great white shark. In the Neopets Trading Card Game, they are associated with the element of Dark.


Grarrls are currently available in the following colours:


  • As of July 2018, over 5.7 million Grarrls have been created on Neopets, placing them 19th in popularity out of 55 Neopets. They are also featured in 314 different items.
  • According to The Neopets Team, the Grarrl was the first Neopet ever drawn.
  • Their How to Draw tutorial was added on April 5, 2002.

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