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The Rainbow Fountain is one way of changing a Neopet's colour.

Colour is an attribute of a Neopet that affects its appearance. When a user creates a Neopet using the Create a Neopet feature, they can choose one of four basic colours for their new Neopet: Blue, Yellow, Green, or Red. After the Neopet has been created, the user can change the colour of their Neopets using one of several different methods detailed below. The colour of a Neopet is always displayed on that Neopet's pet page.

The term colour is also used in reference to Petpets; however, the mechanics by which Petpets change colour are quite different from those of Neopets. Since Petpets are items, changing the colour of a Petpet will change that Petpet into a completely different item. For example, if a user changes the colour of their Babaa to Blue, their Babaa item will become a Blue Babaa item. In order to change a coloured Petpet back into its original form, users have to change the colour of that Petpet back to the natural colour of its species. For example, to change the aforementioned Blue Babaa item back into a Babaa item, the user would have to change to the colour of the Babaa back to White, which is the natural colour of the Babaa species.

Not all Neopets and Petpets are available in every colour.

Changing a Neopet's colour[edit]

Paint Brushes[edit]

Main Article: Paint Brush

The most common way to change a Neopet's colour is to paint it with a Paint Brush at the Rainbow Pool. To do this, a user must first have one or more Paint Brushes in their inventory. Next they must go to the Rainbow Pool main page, where they will be shown a picture of each of their Neopets. Beneath each Neopet, there will be a drop down box containing each of the Paint Brushes in the user's inventory that can be used on that particular Neopet. The user must then select their desired Paint Brush and click the submit button to paint their pet. However, they Glass, Stone, and Lutari Paintbrushes are unusuable and cannot be used to paint your neopets. The Glass, Stone, and Unicorn Paint brushes were usable at one point until those colours has been retired, automatically converting Unicorn Neopets to Red Neopets, Glass Neopets to Tyrannian Neopets, and Stone Neopets to Island Neopets. For some odd reason, the Unicorn Paintbrush was retired and scrapped completely from Neopets.

Morphing Potions[edit]

Main Article: Morphing Potion

A morphing potion is a potion that will change the Neopet's species/colour to the specified Neopet in the potion's name. They are sold at the Neopian Magic Shop and can be purchased from other users in their shops, trading post, or auctions. A Transmogrification Potion is a type of morphing potion that morphs the pet it's used on into a Mutant Neopet. These potions are not sold at the Magic shop but are given out in random events and from a few games. While permanent, the pet's colour and species can be changed at any time using any of the various colour changing methods.

Secret Laboratory[edit]

Main Article: Secret Laboratory

There are nine map pieces you can get from a Random Event or from a user's store. When the lab ray is used on the selected pet it can raise or lower the Neopet's stats, change the gender, or change the species and/or colour of the selected pet. The Lab does have limitations: it can't zap Neopets into Baby, Pirate, Plushie, Quiguki, Royal, or Usuki.

Magma Pool[edit]

Main article: Magma Pool

When the Magma Pool is visited, your Neopet will change to a Magma Neopet. Unfortunately, there is a Magma Tonu blocking the entrance, and will not let you in, however, he might be dozing off on the job and you can pass by him. For most people, this will happen at a certain time, but it won't be the same for every user. It also has been rumoured that only the well-versed can enter the magma pool by being a participant in the Atlas of the Ancient plot, buying a book from Moltara, and buying a PetPet from Moltara. And if a user sends a Magma-coloured Neopet to the pound, it will convert to a Red Neopet.

Random Events[edit]

Main Article: Random Event

Though they occur rarely, certain Random Events can change the colour of a user's Neopet. These Random Events will only change the colour of the user's active Neopet, and as of April 16, 2010, they will not affect unconverted Neopets.

There are currently five colour-changing Random Events. In the first of these events, a torrent of multi-coloured water falls on the user's Neopet and changes it to a random colour. In another, Boochi fires his ray gun at the user's Neopet and changes its colour to Baby, but rest assured, he can also miss the hit. There is also a Random Event in which the colour of the user's Neopet spontaneously changes to Invisible. Lastly, there are two colour-changing Random Events that can only occur if the user's Neopet is unhappy. The first of these will turn the unhappy pet Blue and the other will turn it Red.

Magical Chia Pops[edit]

Main Article: Magical Chia Pops

Chia Pops are generally sold for more than 1,000,000 neopoints and if your Chia eats one of these, the Chia will transform into a uniquely coloured Chia. Kikos can also be turned Chokato if they eat the Magical Chokato Chia Pop. Interestingly, while both Kikos and JubJubs can be zapped into Garlic, this colour does not exist for Chias at all. Also, if you want to make your JubJub or Kiko look like a pumpkin neopet, you would have to paint it with a Halloween Paint Brush. The Juppieswirl and Strawberry Chia Pops were going to be released at one point, but they were rejected and scrapped in the makings.

Magical Plushies[edit]

Main article: Plushies

Magical plushies are sold in the Plushie Palace along with regular plushies. Any Neopet plushie with the word "Magical" in it's name is considered a unique item that acts similar to a Morphing Potion and will actually change the pet that played with it into that named/coloured pet. The item is only good for one use and, after, the magic will be used up and the item will become a simple, non-magical plushie.

Rainbow Fountain[edit]

Main Article: Rainbow Fountain

The Rainbow Fountain was introduced to Neopets in 2001 as a reward for signing up with sponsors. Signing earned you coupons toward painting/changing your pet. There used to be no restriction of what species/colour your pet could be changed to, and the only colour exclusive to the Secret Laboratory was Robot. This sponsor program lasted for a month then shut down.

Years later it was brought back on Neopets and this time there were some restrictions on colours you could paint your pet. The fountain won't allow you to paint your pet MSP, Royal, Sponge, Ice, Usuki, Quiguki or Robot. Changing species was no longer an option. You must successfully finish a Quest for the Fountain Faerie.

There is an item called Flask of Rainbow Fountain Water. When utilized on your Neopet it will randomly paint it any colour available for that species.

Changing a Petpet's colour[edit]

Petpet Paint Brush[edit]

Main Article: Petpet Paint Brush

As implied by their name, these paint brushes are made for Petpets. Petpets can be painted some colours that are Lab Ray exclusive for Neopets. Some petpet colours, however, are Petpet Laboratory exclusive, and cannot be gained using paint brushes.

Petpet Laboratory[edit]

Main Article: Petpet Laboratory

This area can be utilized by obtaining all nine pieces of the Petpet Laboratory Map. These can be obtained from Random Events. The Petpet Laboratory can change the type, colour, level, or name of the selected Petpet, or even make it disappear forever. Petpets who are targeted by the Petpet Lab ray are unable to be given an award from the Petpet Protection League, because they see it as petpet cruelty. If the petpet is removed from your Neopet, it will reverse the effects that are applied to the zapped petpet.

Changing a PetPetPet's Colour[edit]

Colour Bottles and Ink Drops[edit]

Colour Bottles are items that can be used to change a Petpetpet's (or P3's) colour. These items were originally sold at the PetPetPet Emporium for 500-5000 Park Points and now these items are sold at the NC Mall for 100-250 NC. You can even use Ink Drops in order to change a P3's colour. Other than the four main colours (Yellow, Green, Blue, and Red), the other colours are Faerie, Snow, Chocolate, and Pirate. The ink bottles purchased from the NC Mall only last up to ten drops, which disappears after those ten drops, as the ink bottles made from natural resources last up to five drops and disappears after using five drops.

All Neopet Colours[edit]

Active Colours[edit]

Retired Colours[edit]

Rejected Colours[edit]

Old/renamed Colours[edit]

All Petpet Colours[edit]

PetPet Park PetPet Colours[edit]

  • Shimmering Hearts
  • Skeleton
  • Snowflake
  • Sparkle
  • Sprinkled Hearts
  • Stained Glass
  • Stormy Skies
  • Sunset
  • Supernova
  • Swirling Seas
  • Trilluna
  • Tiki
  • Vixor
  • Werelupe
  • White
  • Wish on a Star
  • Yellow
  • Zombie

Habitarium Petpetpet Colours[edit]

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