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A Stealthy Blumaroo

Stealthy is one of the many colours that users can paint their Neopets and Petpets. The Stealthy colour design is based on the typical appearance of the ninja stock character and its name is in reference to the ninja's reputation for quickness and secrecy.

The Stealthy colour for Neopets was released on August 8, 2012. Users can change the colour of their pet to Stealthy by using the Stealth Paint Brush item at the Rainbow Pool, randomly getting the pet zapped via the Lab Ray, or by completing a Fountain Faerie Quest.

The Stealthy colour for Petpets was released on January 4, 2013. Petpets can be painted Stealthy using the Stealthy Petpet Paint Brush at the Petpet Puddle, or by getting randomly zapped by the Petpet Lab Ray.


Stealthy PB.gif

The following Neopets are currently available in the Stealthy colour:


Stealthy Petpet PB.gif

There are currently 18 Petpets available in the Stealthy colour:

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