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Description: Lutari
Info Page: Lutari
Special Day: 19 April
Amount Created: 98,289 (52th - 0.03%)
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The Lutari (from the Latin lutra, otter, as in Lutra lutra) is an otter-like Neopet, released as a limited edition Neopet on 19 April 2006. Lutaris are alert, friendly Neopets who enjoy playing games outside. They are excellent swimmers and spend much of their time in the water. At least some Lutaris are dam builders like beavers.

The old Lutari pose.

Lutaris come from Lutari Island, which was only accessible via the now defunct mobile phone service. When accessed on the main Neopets site, it is shrouded in impenetrable mist. Their images existed on the Neopets image server - under the name of the Mok - for a long time before they were available to players. The first Lutari to be seen in Neopia - before users could create them - was Mr. Chipper, who started running Happy Valley Ice Cream on 21 December 2004.

Following the Neopets 2.0 revamp to allow for clothing Neopets, the Lutari was redrawn from its sleek swimming pose to a standing pose more in uniform with other Neopets. In the Neopets Trading Card Game, they are associated with the element of Water.


Lutaris are currently available in the following colours:


  • A trophy called the Lutari Talisman was added to all User Lookups on June 28, 2006. Special beads can be placed on this trophy.
  • The Island colour was in the image database since 19 April, 2007, but it wasn't released until 26 April, 2007.
  • The Aquatic Petpet Lutra closely resembles the Lutari.
  • As of October 2009, over 110 thousand Lutari have been created on Neopets, placing them 53rd of 55 Neopets in popularity. They are also featured in 193 items.

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