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Description: Vandagyre
Info Page: Vandagyre
Special Day: 12 November
Amount Created: 19,471 (54th - 0.01%)
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The Vandagyre is a species of Neopet that resembles a cross between a panda and an owl. They were released on the 15 November 2014 to celebrate Neopets' 15th birthday.

They live high up in Neopia's mountains, where they practice fast flights and steep dives. They are reputed to be well mannered and quiet, enjoying tea parties and gardening.


The Vandagyre is currently available in the following colours:

Behind the scenes[edit]

  • The Neopets Team noted when the Vandagyre was released that there was now a Neopet species for every letter of the alphabet, however despite this, is the least popular of the Neopets (not limited edition or restricted).
  • Images of the Vandagyre were leaked to the fansite Jellyneo the week before they were released. Later, their name was accidentally released in the Customisation Spotlight search form, which listed Vandagyre alongside all the other Neopet species.
  • Vandagyres are only able to put on wearables released after their proper release date.
  • For some reason, the arrival of the Vandagyre caused the Ruki to become a limited edition species.
  • As of July 2018, over 150 Vanadgyres have been created, placing them 52nd in popularity out of 55 Neopets. They are also featured in 73 different items.


  • Vandagyres can be painted Magma in the Magma Pool, but no art for this colour existed at the time they were able to become this colour, rendering Magma Vandagyres temporarily invisible and un-customisable.

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