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Description: Grundo
Info Page: Grundo
Special Day: 24 August
Amount Created: 8,785,431 (11th - 3.14%)
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Grundos are a species of Neopet that are alien to Neopia. They were originally stated to come from a planet called Doran, although it was later revealed they originate from Kreludor, Neopia's moon, where they still have an active presence.

Many Grundos were abducted by Dr. Frank Sloth to experiment on, and to use as a slave labour force on the Space Station. Dr. Sloth engineered mutated Grundos in order to mass produce an army. After being freed from Dr Sloth's clutches, many Grundos left the Space Station and have set up homes all over the planet.

Players cannot adopt Grundos through the Create-a-Pet system. Grundos cannot be adopted by a player through the usual create-a-pet screen - they are a restricted pet, and are instead acquired in the Space Station's Space Adoption Agency. During the Arrival of Virtupets plot, 20,000 Grundos needed to be adopted in this way to free the Space Faerie.

Grundos are the only Neopets that can be created in colours other than blue, green, red, and yellow: They can also be created in brown, purple, or white. When adopted, all Grundos begin with an intelligence level of Dim Witted. In the Neopets Trading Card Game, they are associated with the element of light. They are so far the only Neopet that can be zapped Mallow.


The Grundo is available in the following colours:


  • Over 8.3 million Grundos have been created as of March 2010. They are currently at 11th place in Neopet popularity. They are also featured in 367 different items.
  • Random Events involving the Grundos...
    • The Grundo Leader attacks!!! He steals (random item)!
  • The Mutant Grundo how to draw tutorial added August 24, 2007.

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