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Description: Korbat
Info Page: Korbat
Special Day: 26 October
Amount Created: 3,798,439 (25th - 1.36%)
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Korbats are bat-like Neopets that were among the original roster available for creation from the sites founding. They are nocturnal Neopets who are usually friendly and welcoming, even if they do look like vampires.

Though they have big ears, they are noted for their keen sense of smell rather than a sense of echolocation - this is makes them more like the megabats - old world fruit bats - than the microbats - insectivorous and vampire bats.

They have a long tail which they use to anchor themselves when hanging upside down, and arms that are connected to the top edge of their wings. In the four basic colours, it is only these wings that change colour - the rest of the body stays white. In some depictions (such as in trading cards) the insides of their ears change colour too.

They are inquisitive Neopets who are happiest when the moon is full and they are up to mischief. The Maraquan Korbat is modelled after a Batoidea like a stingray or a manta ray. In the Neopets Trading Card Game, Korbats are associated with the element of darkness.


Korbats are currently available in the following colours:


As of March 2011, there is just one Korbat-related merchandise item, a pink plushie. The toy comes with a virtual code that unlocks a Pink Korbat Key Quest token and an additional prize.


  • As of October 2009, Korbats rank 25th in popularity with over 3.5 million in Neopia and are featured in 296 different items.

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