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Description: Pteri
Info Page: Pteri
Special Day: 8 November
Amount Created: 3,517,850 (28th - 1.26%)
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The Pteri is a bird-like Neopet introduced on May 16, 2001. Like the Archaeopteryx, from which they may get their name, they have an articulated tail and come from a prehistoric land - in the Pteri's case, Tyrannia. Pteris can now be found all over Neopia.

Pteri are lively creatures who nest in high places such as treetops, and are typically mischievous, enjoying playing tricks on those who pass by. It is suggested that Pteris migrate to Mystery Island like birds on Earth.

If a user has a Pteri pet, the Golden Pteri may make it rain Neopoints in a Random Event - otherwise, he will just fly away.

While Pteris can eat a wide variety of Neopian food, they are particularly partial to any worm food: these will fully restore a Pteri's hitpoints, heal it from any disease, and make it bloated no matter how hungry it was before. In the Neopets Trading Card Game, Pteris are associated with the element of Air, and due to their avian nature, they are also highly resistant to air attacks in the Battledome.


Pteri are currently available in the following colours:


  • As of October 2009, over 3.5 million Pteri have been created on Neopets, placing them 28th of 55 Neopets in popularity. They are also featured in 260 items.
  • A red Pteri is the official mascot of The Daily Neopets.

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