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Description: Acara
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Special Day: June 28
Amount Created: 10,138,485 (9th - 3.62%)
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The Acara is a species of Neopet that loves to live by the sea. They are amphibious - they can breath in water or on land - although having fur like mammals. They have two horn-like protrusions on their heads that allow them to hear well underwater, and their thick coat of fur keeps them warm.

Its name may come from two species of cichlids - a family of freshwater fish - the blue acara and the zebra acara.

Acaras are typically fantastic swimmers who enjoy diving for treasure. In the Neopets Trading Card Game, they are associated with the element of water.

Old designs[edit]

The Tigren.
Main article: List of Neopet redesigns#Acara

The Acara was originally introduced as the Tigren on 28 April 2000. It was renamed to the Acara on 19 July, at the same time the Polypup became the Gelert, and it was at this point that its design received the 'horns' brushed back over its head. The Tigren's formerly large, bushy tail also shrank considerably and may have even vanished altogether.


The Acara is currently available in the following colours:

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