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Description: JubJub
Info Page: JubJub
Special Day: 6 June
Amount Created: 11,331,103 (7th - 4.05%)
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The JubJub is a small Neopet reminiscent of a hedgehog. They were one of the original species available from Neopets' launch. The JubJubs' body is a ball of fur with no arms or hands, just a large pair of feet. Their feet have opposable toes, which means they can still manipulate tools.

The JubJub's design - a ball with feet - is similar to the Kiko's design - a ball with arms. There are two colours that only JubJubs and Kikos can be painted - Clay and Garlic. The JubJub is also the only Neopet that can be painted Coconut, where they resemble some members of the Coco people.

They are shy, unaggressive creatures who prefer to keep to themselves, but scare very easily. They can defend themselves with a deafening screech, and can curl up into a ball and flee at high speed. There are sixteen pieces of equipment that can only be used by a JubJub.

In the Neopets Trading Card Game, JubJubs are associated with the element of Air.


The JubJub was originally called the JibJib, and was based on the Jib Jib, a creature from the Fighting Fantasy gamebook series.

It was renamed JubJub on 23 August, 2000. It shares its name with the Jubjub bird of Lewis Carroll's poems Jabberwocky and The Hunting of the Snark.


JubJubs are currently available in the following colours:


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