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Description: Zafara
Info Page: Zafara
Special Day: 3 February
Amount Created: 6,163,733 (18th - 2.20%)
How to Draw · Rainbow Pool

The Zafara is a kangaroo-like Neopet released on May 25, 2000 as the winner of a player-submitted Neopet competition. Zafaras originally resembled a cross between a ferret and a Chinese dragon, but were later redesigned on 27 February 2001 to look like a cross between a kangaroo and a rabbit.

The Zafara is said to bring good luck to those who treat them well. According to a Neopet profiles screensaver, Zafaras are some of the most sensitive and artistic inhabitants of Neopia.

Zafaras usually have three spikes on their back. According to the old default Zafara petpage, these spikes were protective fins and used for defence. Zafaras have an incredible hearing range, but they do not have a good sense of smell. Due to their powerful hind legs, the Zafara has a jumping ability unlike other Neopets. Zafaras have an innate ability to create fire (possibly a reference to their original dragonlike appearance) as made apparent with their level 2 Battledome ability Zafara Flame.

In the Neopets TCG, they are associated with the element of Light.


Zafaras are currently available in the following colours:


  • As of February 2012, over 6 million Zafaras have been created, ranking them 18th out of 55 species in popularity. They are also featured in over 270 different items.
  • Zafaras were the first species that could be painted with the Royal Paint Brush.
  • Zafara How To Draw tutorial added September 18, 2002.
  • Zafara redesigns occurred on November 1, 2000, February 27, and August 9, 2001.

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