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Food items can be fed to a users Neopet to reduce their hunger. Food is a basic need for Neopets, and the first shop in Neopia is the Food Shop.

Food items are one of the most diverse kinds of items. There are the the cheap, (omelettes and jelly), the expensive (Gourmet Food), and the odd (Gross Food).

Examples of food from each of the 28 categories, as of December 2010.

Neopian Foods[edit]

With all the cultural differences in Neopia, it should come as no surprise that there are a wide variety of foods available. These are sold in different shops across Neopia. For ease, these are listed in alphabetical order by item type.

Altadorian Food[edit]

Altadorian foods are sold in Altador at the Exquisite Ambrosia shop. Food from Altador consists of well-seasoned meats, tart cheeses, olives and hummus. Altadorian cooking also makes use of figs and grapes, including grape leaves.

Aquatic Food[edit]

As of July 2010, the only store which sells Aquatic food is Kelp, though there used to be an official store in Old Maraqua, and some food items are given out as prizes for such events like the Advent Calendar. Food of this type is sometimes confused with food which comes from Underwater Fishing, though food from there is of the basic subtype "Food". Unlike other stores, food from Kelp is served restaurant-style, purchased in three courses and a cocktail. Also unusual is the relatively high price of the food and the fact that no haggling can be done.


Baked goods are pastry items, breads and sandwiches. The pastry items range from sweet to savory, like sugary doughnuts or meaty pasties. The Bakery is found in the Bazaar portion of Neopia Central.

Brightvale Fruit[edit]

Fruits from Brightvale are sold at the Brightvale Fruits shop. They are sold whole, sliced and sometimes cooked.


From chocolates to jelly beans, gummies to the fizzy fruity, you will find it in the Chocolate Factory, which is found in the Bazaar section in Neopia Central. Buying a gourmet item from the shop will earn you an avatar.


Found in the Art Center, the Coffee Shop sells a variety of coffee, tea and pastries one normally associates with a cafe, like scones.

Desert Food[edit]

Desert Food was released on June 21, 2001 with the release of the Lost Desert. They are bought from Lost Desert Foods and also given by Coltzan's Shrine and the Fruit Machine. Some Desert Food is damaged, burned or lowered in value in some way, and are therefore sold at a much lower price. Fruits native to the Lost Desert include tchea, chomato, ptolymelon and cheops, and much of the food comes in either sand-form or with sand in the food. Other common themes include mummified food and pyramid-shaped food items.

Exotic Foods[edit]

Noodles, dumplings and rice dishes can be found at the Exotic Foods shop in Shenkuu. Common ingredients include rice, seaweed, fish, red bean, mushrooms and tofu, and are typically served grilled or steamed.

Faerie Food[edit]

The Faerie Foods shop is located in Faerieland. The vast majority of items contain the word "faerie" in the title, and many of them have winged flourishes, from baked-in impressions to faerie-shaped cookies and pizza toppings.


The plain title is very misleading here...the Neopian Fresh Foods shop contains the widest variety of food from any shop. Drinks, breakfast items, burgers, ice cream, cheeses, cooked meats, side dishes, baby food, hot and cold drinks, puddings, cakes and more are sold in this unassumingly-titled shop in Neopia Central.

Gross Food[edit]

Gross food is a special type of food that is hard to find in regular shops. They can, however, be obtained in many different ways; for example, dailies like Tombola will award gross food routinely. Due to their easy access, gross foods are often extremely cheap, especially on the shop wizard where they can usually be found for under 100 NP. An odd quirk is that when searched, gross foods do not have a "see if this item is in stock" or "find this item in the shop wizard" sign. Pets don't always appreciate being fed something gross, and will let you know by saying things such as "Yuck!" or "That was horrible :(".

Healthy Food[edit]

The Health Food Shop is located in the Bazaar of Neopia Central. Here, foods around Neopia take on a healthier twist, as seen with the cabbage doughnut. Organic foods, trail mixes, vitamin supplements, granola bars, healthy soups, and vegetarian/vegan items are found here. Special Note: Many players have noticed that when a Neopet is fed organic foods specifically, the Neopet will remain fuller longer and also be happier longer. Some have also suggested an increased incidence of Random Events, but this has not been verified.

Hot Dog[edit]

Hubert's Hot Dogs is found in Neopia Central, in the Bazaar. Hubert takes every possible spin on hot dogs, like experimenting with carrot hot dogs, sand hot dogs, cucumber hot dogs, and other non-meat hot dogs. The regular hot dog can also be double or triple stacked for more meatiness. Hot dogs come plain or smothered with toppings, like cheese and mushroom, chili, grape jam, mayonnaise, bacon and cheese, and more. Also found in this shop are corn dogs and jacket potatoes, which each come with their variety of toppings, from carrots to fruit to beans and more.

Jelly Food[edit]

Jelly food, unlike many other types of food, can only be found in Jelly World. In addition to the once-per-day free jelly, jelly foods can be purchased from the Jelly Foods shop. All the food sold in this shop is made from jelly, even items where that does not seem possible, like with the jelly milk.

Kiko Lake Food[edit]

Kiko Lake Treats, found in Kiko Lake, sell Kiko-themed items like cookies in the shape of a Kiko. Also found in this shop are seemingly inedible items, like rocks and coral lollipops.

Kreludan Food[edit]

Kreludan foods are sold in Cafe Kreludor in Kreludor. As of December 2010, it is one of Neopia's smallest food shops, containing only 46 items. They come with a moon theme and are almost all sweets.

Medieval Food[edit]

Medieval food is found in Meridell at Pick Your Own or from Merifoods, the latter of which is found with a hand-painted sign in Meridell. The food sold there is of peasant quality, sold in sacks or consisting of gruel.

Molten Morsels[edit]

This food comes from Moltara and is sold from the Molten Morsels shop. Many of the items sold here involve magma and are made of root vegetables. They are generally served on gear-shaped platters and plates.

Neovian Pastries[edit]

Neovian pastries are sold at The Crumpetmonger, located in Neovia. While the majority of the food is sweet, such as tarts and scones, savoury meat and vegetable pies are also sold here.


Pizzaroo is found in the Plaza in the Neopian Central. Pizzas are sold by the slice, in portions, or in whole pizzas. Interestingly, some whole pizzas cannot be eaten by the slice, while others can. Also sold are large servings called "Pizza Blocks."

Pizzas are the only items in Neopia that can be divided in 6, thus be eaten 6 times.

Qasalan Food[edit]

Qasalan Foods are sold in Qasala at Qasalan Delights, which is a ruined city in the Lost Desert. As of June 2010, there are only 38 items sold there. Most of the foods there are made with the Qando or Queela fruits.


Ingredients blended with ice are the components of any slushie. These vary from the smoothies in that they are not marketed as health foods and only come in one size. You can find these on Terror Mountain in the Slushie Shop.


The Smoothie Store is found in the Neopian Bazaar. Smoothies made with fruits or vegetables, including sea vegetables, are found in various sizes: small, medium, large and mega. Several smoothie flavours sound very gross, but they are not considered a Gross Food.

Snow Food[edit]

Snow Food is food that has been sculpted from snow or has snow on it. Snow Foods can be bought from the Super Happy Icy Fun Snow Shop on Terror Mountain.

Space Food[edit]

Space food is found in the Recreation Deck on the Virtupets Space Station and is sold in Grundos Cafe. The majority of the food served there will seem familiar but have a distinctively "space travel" feel. Many of the foods are dehydrated, in tablet form, vacuum packed, or otherwise reformed. Other foods appear inedible, like those made from rocks or metal.

Spooky Food[edit]

Spooky food is one of the more important foods in Neopets. The Esophagor and even the Kitchen Quests may need some of it, and it is important to the Brain Tree Quests as well. Spooky food pretty much comes in 2 types: the cheap mass consumption types that are available in user stores for 100 NP or less, and the super rare foods that sell for tens of thousands of Neopoints. Spooky foods may be bought in the Spooky Food shop at the Deserted Fairground, or bought on the Shop Wizard. They are also obtainable by Edna's Quests and completing the Spooky Treasure Map.

Tropical Food[edit]

These foods are sold on Mystery Island and are the centrepiece to Gadgadsbogen. There are quite a number of tropical foods, with new ones released every year around March 4th. Usually, there are a number of tropical foods retired on Gadgadsbogen, replaced with the new ones released on that day. For fruity and seafood items, buy these in the Tropical Foods Shop.

Tyrannian Food[edit]

Tyrannian Food is usually prehistoric/dinosaur-themed and most of it can be bought from the Tyrannian Foods shop. Omelettes from the Giant Omelette also fall into this category.

Soup Faerie[edit]

For those too poor to afford food for their pet, the Soup Faerie will fill their needs. People with under 3000 NP can visit the Soup Faerie in the Neopian Marketplace and have their pets fed for free. The Soup Faerie can't be fooled, she knows how much money you have in the bank as well as your shop till.

Gourmet Food[edit]

Gourmet foods are expensive foods that count for the Gourmet Club. Gourmet foods that a pet has eaten are automatically kept track of. Pets that have eaten the most gourmet food get a trophy or an honorary member card on their user page. Remember, gourmet foods must have a rating of 90-100 and are consequently very difficult to get, although there are a few that are cheap.

Eating For Free[edit]

It is quite easy for a user to feed their Neopets from dying to bloated without spending much NP, due to the fact Neopets creates more food each day than is actually feed to Neopets. there are also places which feed your Neopets without having to use any items or very little NP.


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