Test Your Strength

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"Wow! You look strong... Well, you don't really. I was lying."

Test Your Strength is Luck and Chance game located in the Deserted Fairgrounds that was released on October 8, 2003. It is run by Arnold the Mynci and costs 100 Neopoints to play. It can only be played once every 6 hours.

How to play[edit]

After clicking on the Click to Start! screen, aim your mouse at the giant red button and click to swing your hammer. After you swing your hammer, you will be given a score between 1 and 100. This score is purely random and is not affected by where you hit the button or when you swing your hammer.


If a user gets a perfect score of 100, they will receive all of the neopoints in the Jackpot. This rarely occurs however, and users will generally only receive between 1 and 300 neopoints after playing. It is also possible to win a variety of items from this game, some of which are unique to the game itself.

Unique Items[edit]

These 22 items can only be obtained by playing Test Your Strength.

Other Items[edit]

These items can be won from Test Your Strength, but they can also be obtained by other means.

  • Almost Gummy Rat (Strawberry)
  • Blumaroo Steak
  • Brain Ice Cream
  • Chilled Eyeball Custard
  • Chokato Ghostkersandwich
  • Clawmatoe
  • Deviled Steak
  • Glaring Eye Wrap
  • Halloween Paint Brush
  • Jellied Eyeballs
  • Large Grundo Toe With Lint Side Order
  • Mashed Eye Potato
  • Mummified Ice Cream
  • Octornapie
  • Peanut Butter Spiders
  • Pumpkin Cookies
  • Pumpkin Ghost Toast
  • Roast Tentacle
  • Scary Soup
  • Skeith Juice Cocktail
  • Slime Ghostkersandwich
  • Slime Sundae
  • Slimesicle
  • Snorkle Snout
  • Spooky Doughnut
  • Spooky Gooplecream
  • Spooky Raspberry Pie
  • Spooky Shake
  • Squishy Brain Wrap
  • Sun Dried Techo Claw
  • Tongue with Veggies
  • Vanilla Ghost Cake

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