Escape to Kreludor

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Escape to Kreludor
Escape to Kreludor
ID # 400
World Kreludor
Category Puzzle
High Scores
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Escape from Kreludor, also called Kreludor Escape, is a puzzle game released on 5 August 2004. Set during the the Return of Dr. Sloth plot, players control Cylara and Gorix's space ship as they escape the Space Station and head to Kreludor. The player must destroy all of Dr Sloth's fighter ships sent after them each level.

Escape from Kreludor was featured in Daily Dare in 2013, and in the Games Master Challenge in 2009, 2010, and 2011.

How to play[edit]

The game board.

Escape to Kreludor takes place on a grid of eleven by eleven squares. Each level starts with the Cylara and Gorix's escape pod in the centre square, and asteroids and Vitrupets Fighters distributed randomly around them. Using the mouse, the player can move the escape pod one square at a time in any direction. After the player makes their move, the enemies will move to intercept. The game continues turn by turn like this.

To reach the end of the level, all the Virtupets fighters must be destroyed. By clicking on the escape pod instead of on a tile to move to, or by pressing the spacebar, the ship fires two shots out of the left and right side of the ship. These travel three squares in either direction, and will destroy the first ship they hit. Firing the weapons counts as the ships turn instead of moving, so the player may wish to fire the weapons in order to stay on the same tile for another turn.

The player can also trick the lower tier (grey) ships into crashing. They will always move directly for the escape pod: if two ships try to move onto the same space, they will be destroyed. Similarly, they will not navigate around asteroids, comets, or the wrecks of other spaceships - crashing into either of these will destroy them. The elite (red and gold) fighters cannot be tricked into crashing, and so must be destroyed by the escape pod's weapons.

At later levels, comets will begin appearing. These home in on the escape pod too, and will destroy it if they hit it. Comets cannot be destroyed by other ships or the weapons, and so must be avoided. Comets will destroy fighters that fly into it, but will navigate around asteroids and ship wrecks.

Players earn ten points for every basic Fighter destroyed, and fifteen for every elite Fighter destroyed.

In each corner of each level is a wormhole. These wormholes will teleport the escape pod to a random, unoccupied square on the board. One bonus gem appears on each level - move the ship to the same square to collect it. Players begin the game with three lives, and lose one every time their escape pod is destroyed.

Once per game, the player can fire the ship's EM pulse by typing empulse. Although it doesn't reach as far as the pulse generated by the red gem, this will destroy the ships immediately adjacent to the player's ship. Ships destroyed in this way do not leave shipwrecks.

Piece Description
Cylara and Gorix's escape pod. Cylara and Gorix's escape pod, the player's piece.
A basic Virtupets Fighter. A basic Virtupets Fighter, an enemy piece.
An elite Virtupets Fighter. An elite Virtupets Fighter, an enemy piece.
A comet. A comet, an enemy piece.
An asteroid. An asteroid, a stationary obstacle.
A wreck of a crashed ship A ship wreck, a stationary obstacle that appears when a Fighter is destroyed.
Gem Bonus
A blue gem. Downgrades elite ships to basic ships, and comets to asteroids.
A green bonus gem. Cloaks the escape pod, enemies begin moving randomly.
A purple gem. Player gets 50 bonus points.
A red gem. Emits an EMP, destroying all enemy ships within two squares in any direction. Doesn't leave shipwrecks.
A white bonus gem. Player gains one extra life.


  • Every time a new game is played in the same session - i.e. without re-loading the game - the music track starts playing again, on top of the track that is already playing.
  • Sometimes, the level starts with the computer moving first, skipping the player's turn.

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