Jubble Bubble

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Jubble Bubble
Jubble Bubble
ID # 619
World Maraqua
Category Action
High Scores
Game Page
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Kelby, a Maraquan Shoyru, and his JubJub friends are going on a hunt for sunken ships and long-lost pirate treasure. The JubJubs can't swim as deep as Kelby can, though, so now they're freefalling! Look out below! Help Kelby cushion the JubJubs' fall before they splat onto the ocean floor.

How to play[edit]

Give the falling JubJubs a soft landing on the ocean floor by making a bubble cushion for them. To catch a JubJub in a bubble, position yourself beneath it, and click and hold the left mouse button to adjust the distance the bubble will travel. To release the bubble let go of the mouse button

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