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Better Than You
Better Than You
ID # 112
World Neopia Central
Category Action
High Scores
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Welcome to the greatest, most fantabulous game show in Neopia - Better Than You! Every week we will feature a new contestant who is .... Better Than You. Fancy taking up the challenge and beating them?

How to play[edit]

Every week, on a Thursday, we have a new game of Better Than You! We will feature somebody from Neopia who is good at a particular game, in fact so good, they could beat you blindfolded with their hands tied behind their back.

Once we launch the game, you have to try and beat their score at their game as fast as possible. The quicker you win, the bigger the prize you get. Every single win earns a special item and a medal or trophy along with a Neopoint reward!

Make sure you beat the opponent on one of your three allowed 'send scores' per day - if you send three times then you will not be able to challenge again!

There will be no more prizes after 500 people have won as we will end the game.


Every week on Better Than You we have amazing prizes to give out! The first 500 players to win will win a GUARANTEED PRIZE! Yes, its true - only on Better Than You, the most fabulous game show in the universe!

Position Winners Trophy Reward
First Prize First 10 people 112_1.gif 20,000 Neopoints
Second Prize Winners 11-50 112_2.gif 10,000 Neopoints
Third Prize Winners 51-500 112_3.gif 3,000 Neopoints


  • In the past, winners 501-2000 received a prize of 1,000 NP, as well as the Runner-up medal. However, the game now ends when there are 500 winners.
  • Winners 1 through 500 also get the Better Than You avatar, released on August 29, 2003. The avatar is awarded when you receive the neomail stating your score and prize.

External links[edit]

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