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Petpet Park was created by the Petpet Protection League as a place to train and care for Petpets. It was a free to play multiplayer game with optional membership and was considered separate from the main Neopets website apart from the initial plot that opened the game. You choose one of 6 Petpets to explore the park, play games and do fun activities with as well as customise them with cosmetic items all while you level them up and earn cash. The Opening Celebrations began on August 28, 2008 after the short plot, Operation: Petpet Park, had finished. In Late 2014, Petpet Park closed down (see below for more information).

Not much is known about the park itself besides that there is a gracious, welcoming and caring staff currently inhabiting it.


Main article: Operation: Petpet Park
Operation petpetpark.jpg

Petpet Park was first introduced through the plot, Operation: Petpet Park. It followed three Petpet Protection League agents who were assigned missions to retrieve 6 new Petpets from portals that connect Neopia to Petaria. These agents remained in Petpet Park for a short time but were later removed to be replaced with other permanent characters.

There were 6 missions to complete and 7 comic chapters accompanying them as well as prizes and items to collect along the way, all being accessible from the PPL Headquarters. Each mission would see the player completing a challenge or puzzle which would lead to discovering one of the 6 main playable Petpets in the park. At the end of the plot players who finished all 6 missions were rewarded with 45,000 Neopoints, which was reduced if you didn't finish the full 6, as well as a site theme and wearable item in Petpet Park.

The plot was time limited and is no longer available to complete but the comic that accompanied the plot is still available to read here as well as a Daily activity called Weltrude's Toy Chest to participate in. The only language that was supported by this plot was English and was the reason there was no trophies awarded for completion.

When Petpet Park closed its doors...[edit]

After 6 years and when Neopets transferred its servers to JumpStart, Petpet Park officially closed down.


There were 6 different Petpet species to chose from to represent the player. It was not possible to change your species once created apart from using a morphing potion which were available from the Petpet Park NC Mall.

Dipni.png Drym.png Hifflo.png
Dipni Drym Hifflo
Kassegat.png Oukin.png Pinixy.png
Kassegat Oukin Pinixy

There were 3 extra species that can be accessed via morphing potion: Mumbat, Puxa and Bandalu. There was no innate difference between the species besides their appearance. The Mumbat Morphing Potion was only periodically available and has been buyable between October 12 to November 4, 2010, October 11 to November 3, 2011, and between October 11 to November 1, 2012.

Puxa.png Bandalu.png Mumbat.png
Puxa Bandalu Mumbat

It was also possible to acquire Colour Bottles from the NC Mall which, when used on your Petpet, will change their colour respectively. There were 56 different colours available to choose from.

Despite being introduced through a Neopets plot, none of these Petpets were available as items on the Neopets site.



Dipnis are timid and reserved creatures that will dart away at the slightest hint of danger. Despite this, they are loving and shyly inquisitive. Dipnis make gurgling noises in their throats when they are happy. They like the water, as shown in the Petpet Park game Faerie's Folly. They were discovered in the sixth plot mission.

Famous Dipnis: Admiral Gully, Agent Drixton and J.R.



Dryms are curious and mischievous. They also love to dig for shiny objects and especially enjoy playing in the snow. They were discovered in the first plot mission.

Famous Dryms: Melika and Mr. Grimsby.


Hifflo small.png

Hifflos are sweet affectionate petpets that love music. They can run very fast for short distances although they liked to relax. They can always be lured with music. They like the water, as shown in the Petpet Park game Faerie's Folly. They were discovered in the second plot mission.

Famous Hifflos: Ernie


Kassegat small.png

Kassegats are clever and agile jungle-dwelling petpets that live in these lush areas on account of their love of climbing trees and eating fruit. They were discovered in the fourth plot mission.

Famous Kassegats: Opal


Oukin small.png

Oukins have large sensitive ears that enable them to hear the distress calls of others and come to their aid if they can. Although peaceful by nature, Oukins can let out a high-pitched shriek when agitated. They were discovered in the fifth plot mission.

Famous Oukins: Aldamae and Qwert


Pinixy small.png

Pinixy are active and rambunctious, always engaged in physical activities such as running, jumping, wrestling, and climbing. They were discovered in the third plot mission.

Famous Pinixy: Shangles


The player controls their Petpet from an isometric viewpoint using the mouse to navigate around the various areas available. Areas contained characters and activities that will allow you to earn Park Points, the in-game currency, and experience points.

Levelling up and Earning Park Points[edit]

Levelling up was achieved by gathering experience points which can be gained by completing quests, playing games and finding them as you walk around. In most cases XP was proportional to the involvement of the activity and, where possible, if you do well at a game. For example, a higher score can award more XP than a lower one and simply eating a piece of food will only give you a single experience point. Levelling up rewarded you with new medals and badges and access to new jobs and items. You can see the progress of your current level at the top of the screen in the large green bar and your current level in the paw print.


Park Points (PP) can be earned in a multitude of ways and then can be used to purchase items for your Petpet. It was the first number on the left in the userbar. The number to the right of this was the amount of NickCash (NC) you have.

Quests and jobs can be found by talking to various Petpet Park characters in each area. Some quests were one off but many contained multiple parts which will award you after each step completed. Quest objectives varied from character to character and included anything from speaking to another Petpet to collecting items and playing games. Most quests rewarded you with items and some Park Points.

Petpet Park NC Mall[edit]

The Petpet Park NC Mall was a shop that used to sell a variety of items including access to new areas, morphing potions and cosmetic items. There were some characters and places that were only accessible through items purchased here as well as some stalls that were only available in certain seasons or holidays.

While the Petpet Park NC Mall is separate from the Neopets NC Mall, they both use NickCash as their currency.

Areas, Games and Activities[edit]

There were 23 different mini-games to play in Petpet Park and as with Neopets games they vary in play styles. You can earn a maximum of 15,000 Park Points from playing mini-games each day. There were also 59 different activities for the player to partake in which usually gave the player an item after doing the activity and a small amount of experience points. Some required an item or NC item to access whereas others can be found in the various areas and some can be performed multiple times a day.

List of Areas[edit]

Area 27

Characters: Rorzo, Vixor, Zarza
Games: None
Shops: None
Blizzard Mountain

Characters: Mr.Wallace, Neville, Petrissa
Games: None
Shops: Wintery Shoppe

Characters: Grimelda, Mumbell
Games: Potion Panic
Shops: None
Cyodrake Temple Garden

Characters: Chenzin, Kai, Na
Games: Sword of the Cyodrake King
Shops: Lucky Dragon Shop
Fashion Field

Characters: Flerilda, Mirsilla, Sisilia
Games: Wardrobe Wars
Shops: Grooming Shop
Founder's Cemetery

Characters: Banks, Jesper, Old Fogbottom
Games: None
Shops: Fashion Lane Shop
Grenn's Farm

Characters: Ainsley, Auntie Twerp, Farmer Grenn, J.R., Mellee, Agent Drixton
Games: Counting Cluckens, Frantic Farmer
Shops: None
Jiggybug Lagoon

Characters: Burskun, Flynn, Kraygen the Great, Joonhilda, Luminista
Games: Octoball
Shops: Gilbert's Gurgling Gifts, Salty N' Sweet Carnival Treats
Knight's Keep

Characters: Coris, Sir Liam, Silvanus, Oshford
Games: Sir Liam's Castle Defender
Shops: None
Laughing Springs

Characters: Bubbles, Drako, Dripp, Dug, Kelpernia, Professor Gillbert
Games: Three Ring Soaker, Sling and Splash
Shops: None
Lucky Valley

Characters: Ernie, Tess
Games: Blocktacular, Stack Happy
Shops: None
Market Lane

Characters: Aldamae, Cochon, Max
Games: Cake Calamity
Shops: The Munchery, Petpet Emporium
Mt. Puka

Characters: Aku, Ekewaka, Kahunam, Hikili
Games: None
Shops: Tiki Knick-Knacks
Mystimar Glen

Characters: Fazzar, Grunst, Jinxie, Kreebul
Games: Cardcasters
Shops: Mystic Merchandise Shop
Park Pointe Square

Characters: Winsela, Alroy, Mayor Bricemurdle
Games: None
Shops: Good Citizen Shop
Park Station

Characters: Dodger, Scurvy Bill, Crikee, Dillard
Games: None
Shops: None

Characters: Ella, Geo, Neeter, Eliza, Yorgo, Danny
Games: Neeterball, Petpet Boogie, Skeedaddle
Shops: Garden Grove
Petpet Plaza

Characters: Kora, Millie, Ms. Riley, Sammie, Calina, Artin, Jungo, Liesel, Feyera, Valtilda, Wallace, Luanna, Fazzar, Trips, Bronnig, Sisilia, Tilda, Annabel, Porrigon, Patrice
Games: None
Shops: Fins Feather & Fashion, Pet Shop
Pirate Alley

Characters: Angry Pete, Gutterball Gannon, Olaf, Sally, Primm, Surly Sam
Games: Deadpin Bowling
Shops: Pirate's Plunder
Pool of Illusion

Characters: Arzak, Elrik
Games: Wizard Walk
Shops: None
Pukapooka Beach

Characters: Koki, Lani, Lava Crafter, Melika
Games: None
Shops: Island Treasures
Shadow Grove

Characters: Dr. Zing, Mr. Grimsby, Opal, Qwert, ZHB-2
Games: Mystery Maze, Qwertomizer 5000
Shops: None
Squippit Hollow

Characters: Crafting Tree, Floyd, Isibel
Games: None
Shops: None
Tugg Harbour

Characters: Admiral Gully, Spivey
Games: Boat Blasters
Shops: None
The University

Characters: Danli, Juliette, Sophie, The Wishing Well
Games: None
Shops: Wish Coin Shop
Wallington Courtyard

Characters: Professor Wallington, Vince
Games: University Exam
Shops: None
Zombie Marsh

Characters: Bront, Drezelle, Oricks
Games: None
Shops: Grains 'n Brains

List of Activities[edit]

Normal Special NC Item

Popcorn Picking
Salvage & Junk
Pumpkin Patch Goodies
Gem and Rock Mining

Yarn Balls
Buried Items
Bonk and Bink's Cookie Jar
Cherryapple Tree
Chokato Harvesting
Clover Harvesting
Zombie Marsh Tree
Fortune Teller Booth
Seed Bag Display
Winsela's Desk

Autropolis Gear Trees
BonBon's Nest
Celestial City Clouds
Clucken Bucket
Clucken Cutout
Cotton Candy Tree
Crab Claws
Ice Sculpture
Rottingham Castle Spider Web
Statue of Casandia

Sunken Ship
Prize Dispenser
Pinball Machine
Dessert Cart
Enchantville Fountain

Chimney & Marshmallows
Jack-O-Lantern Decoration
Mushroom Patch
Winsela's Fireplace
Park Station Mailbox
Mystery House Roses
Mellee's Bookcase

Treasure Chest
Rubber Clucken Crate
Farmhand Box
Treats Jar
Pot of Gold
Volcano Sceptre Gems
Jewel Mining Pick Gems


Main article: List of Petpet Park Characters

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