Poogle Racing

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Poogle Racing
Poogle Racing
ID # 38
World Faerieland
Category Luck & Chance
High Scores
Game Page

Poogle Racing is a luck and chance game which can be played every 15 minutes (0, 15, 30 and 45 minutes past every hour). Held in Faerieland, Yellow Poogles race against each other while users place a maximum bet of 300 Neopoints on who will win, and the option to feed the Poogle Food, which may affect the outcome of the race. The contestants and their odds of winning are...

poogle1.gif Poogle One
Lightning quick, and great over jumps, this fighting-fit Poogle is the favourite to win.
Odds 3:1
poogle2.gif Poogle Two
If Poogle Two wasn't distracted so easily he could be the fastest Poogle around!
Odds 4:1
poogle3.gif Poogle Three
This Poogle exhibits great bursts of speed, but is normally very clumsy when jumping.
Odds 5:1
poogle4.gif Poogle Four
Poogle Four used to be a contender, but now he is getting older he has lost his speed and agility on the racetrack.
Odds 7:1
poogle5.gif Poogle Five
This chubby Poogle has not been getting much exercise lately, and it shows...
Odds 9:1

The user needs to return to the main page within a few minutes of when the race starts, or lose their bet and have to wait for the next race. While the race goes on the user can cheer for any of the Poogles, but it's unknown if this affects the outcome or not. Should the Poogle the user choose wins, they receive their bet times the odds of that Poogle winning.


  • Should a user place a winning bet, they receive the Poogle Racing Winner Avatar, released on September 20th, 2004.
  • There are two books involving Poogles Racing: Poogle Races, which follows the adventures of a young athlete who strove to be the best, and A Day At The Races which tells an exciting behind the scenes look at the world of Poogle Racing.
  • The Poogle Racing page only shows Yellow Poogles, but there have been other coloured Poogles as shown in the Neopedia article Poogle Racers and the game Snow Roller.

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