Attack of the Revenge

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Attack of the Revenge
Attack of the Revenge
ID # 527
World Maraqua
Category Action
High Scores
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Attack of the Revenge is a Flash game set aboard the pirate ship The Revenge.

It was very foolish of Garin to try and be a pirate on somebody else's turf, and now he has to pay the penalty. One stormy evening a HUGE ship sailed right next to Garin's ship, belonging to the fearsome Captain Scarblade - he was out for revenge!

How to play[edit]

In this game you play Garin and your mission is to repel the pirate hordes! You must use the arrow keys to move, and the Space Bar to swipe your sword. Initially you only have to stop the pirates from climbing aboard, but later on you will also have to fire your cannons at the Revenge. When your cannons are on fire you will have to put them out with the bucket of water. Bear in mind you can only carry one item at a time.

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