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ID # 428
World Neopia Central
Category Action
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Mad old Mrs. Williams has gone away and left you in charge of all her Petpets ? she has so many of them she simply does not know what to do! Petpets will roam around the house and it's your job to take care of them… now pay attention…

How to play[edit]

Use your mouse to click and drag the following...

noil.gif This Noil needs some sleep! Drag tired Petpets on to the Bedroom Door. This poor GX-4 Oscillabot needs a lot of maintenance - drag it into the Garage! gx4.gif
gruslen.gif If you see a Petpet that needs a wee, drop it off in the Bathroom! This Feepit is SO hungry. Drop hungry Petpets off in the Kitchen. feepit.gif
babaa.gif This Babaa wants to go out and play - drag it on to the Garden Door. Last but not least the mighty MOP! If you see a Petpet that has made a mess then click on the Mop and drag it over the mess to clean it up! mightymop.gif



  • There is a screensaver of Petpetsitter.
  • Type in oscillabot for a extra life. Used One time.
  • Clicking in Feepit's spot above the eye, TPOSG will appeared.
  • Only Robot Petpets should go to the garage.
  • Hungry petpets will stick their tongues out and make noises
  • Tired petpets will see Zs
  • Petpets who need to go out will twitch their paws/ears/tails
  • Petpets who need the bathroom will tighten themselves up and sweat
  • Broken robots will make noises, stay still and smoke
  • Messes include knocked over milk bottles, buckets or flowerpots, puddles from petpets who have wet themselves, or oil from too-broken robots
  • Be warned, left-alone petpets may disappear so avoid neglecting them if you feel sorry for them.

External Links[edit]

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