Barf Boat

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Barf Boat
Barf Boat
ID # 1026
World Krawk Island
Category Action
High Scores
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Barf Boat is an action game released on March 27, 2009. The user controls Captain Arf, a Warf who must keep his crew from falling overboard in the ensuing storm. Every night, when the Golden Dubloon throws out its leftovers, some of it ends up on Captain Arf's ship, the Pernicious Pinchit. Once he eats up the food, he falls ill and becomes a chronic vomiter.

How to play[edit]

Petpets who climb on deck to check on their captain are subjected to the rocking ship. The goal of the game is to keep them from slipping off the edge. The left and right arrows are used to balance the ship, while the space bar will make the crew jump. Users gain 3 points per second for a single Petpet onboard and 2 points for each additional Petpet. On occasion, bombs will appear instead, and like the crew members, these have weight and will tilt the ship back and forth. They will explode after a short time, throwing Petpets in range overboard.

Two types of coins—a 30-point coin and a 300-point coin—will occasionally appear and can be picked up by Petpets who go through them. They are not stationary and will slide into the water if they reach the edge.

As time goes on, Captain Arf's face will turn greener until he throws up. This has no effect on gameplay other than as a visual distraction.

Extreme Mode[edit]

In Extreme mode, Captain Arf commands a much smaller vessel. The point values for Petpets are doubled, with one Petpet worth 6 points and additional ones worth 4. Gameplay is otherwise the same.

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