Crisis Courier

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Crisis Courier
Crisis Courier
ID # 773
World Altador
Category Action, Adventure
High Scores
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Crisis Courier is an action game released on April 13, 2007, detailing the mailing system King Altador uses when he needs an urgent message delivered fast.

How to play[edit]

The goal of each level is to earn points by collecting the goodie bags and attacking the Minitheuses. In addition to this, users must avoid colliding with the rocks, buildings, and plants. Hitting any of these obstacles will take away one life. Movement is controlled with the mouse and clicking the left button will switch between the Fire and Snow Yooyus. There are seven levels in total and the game speed is increased in each level.

The Fire Yooyu is only able to attack the red Minitheuses and collect the red goodie bags while the Snow Yooyu can only go after the blue ones. Gold goodie bags can be collected by either Yooyu. Each Minitheus is worth 10 points. The gold goodie bags are 5 points and the red and blue goodie bags are 10 points each. Accidentally touching the wrong colour of either Minitheus or goodie bag will cost one life.

There are two fruits found in the game that will alter the Yooyu in play for about 10 seconds. The winged fruit (or Cornucopia) will turn the Yooyu into the Faerie version. This Yooyu can collect gold, red and blue goodie bags for 20 points each but it must not attack any Minitheus or it'll lose a life. The fig will turn the Yooyu into the Mutant version. This Yooyu can attack all the Minitheuses regardless of colour, receiving 20 points for each attack, but must avoid the red and blue goodie bags. After the 10 second time limit has passed, the Yooyu will always turn back into the Snow version regardless of whether or not it was previously Fire. Similarly, the Yooyu will always be Fire when a new level starts.


  • Type kingaltador to get an extra life.

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