Ice Cream Machine

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Ice Cream Machine
Ice Cream Machine
ID # 507
World Terror Mountain
Category New Releases, Action
High Scores
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Adee the Chia has been eating too much Ice Cream. Ice Cream for breakfast, Ice Cream for lunch and Ice Cream for dinner. In fact, she has eaten so much that she's starting to get some pretty strange dreams! In her latest one she is trapped within a giant Ice Cream Machine, and must dodge the killer scoops that are trying to hit her... this time the Ice Cream is out for revenge!

How to play[edit]

In the game, the user controls Adee by moving the mouse - Adee will follow it. Scoops of ice cream will be fired up the screen, and Adee must avoid them. Each scoop dodged is worth 5 points, and toppings on scoops multiply the score. If she gets hit, she will lose a life.

There are several special ice cream scoops. These can be distinguished from dangerous scoops by the icons they possess. Should Adee hit them, a corresponding special effect will occur.

Scoop Main Effect Side Effects
Cherry +100 points Resets speed and size
Fish +250 points Resets speed and size
Heart Extra life Resets speed and size
Small Shrinks Adee Accumulates
Large Enlarges Adee Accumulates
Plus Speeds up scoops Accumulates
Minus Slows down scoops Accumulates
Shield Protects from scoops Resets speed and size
Bomb Clears screen Resets speed and size
TPOSG +1000 points Resets speed and size

Right-clicking is an instant game over to prevent cheating. However, there is no issue with moving the mouse outside the play area to teleport past obstacles.


In each stage, you need to dodge a set amount of Ice Cream scoops. Initially, there are 25, and 25 more for each additional level. Once the quota is dodged, scoops will stop appearing and all remaining scoops on screen will travel until they leave the play area.

Level Scoop Flavor Number of
1 Strawberry 25
2 Vanilla 50
3 Chocolate 75
4 Mint 100
5 Blueberry 125
6 Vanilla Chocolate Chip 150
7 Strawberry Vanilla Chocolate 175
8 Peach 200
9 Vanilla Chocolate Swirl 225
10 Double Chocolate 250
11 Tigersquash 275
12 Rainbowberry 300
13 Garlicky Bratwurst 325


Remake of Ice Cream Factory, a game now in the Game Graveyard.


  • The code strawberryvanillachocolate will give the user an extra life, although it can only be used once per game.
  • A second game ID leads to a flash game called "Ice Cream Machine" - 868.
  • At the start of a level, if you wait for a couple of minutes, then a TNT member called Oliver (known for TPOSG) will appear. Then, in later levels, his face will appear on an ice cream scoop which is worth 1000 points...if you're lucky to win an [[Avatar]].

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