Invasion of Meridell

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Invasion of Meridell
Invasion of Meridell
ID # 182
World Meridell
Category Action, Card & Board, Puzzle
High Scores
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You most probably didn't know this, but a long time ago, when King Skarl was young, some unwelcome visitors came a-knocking on Castle Meridell's walls. Evil, twisted, mutated creatures with wings, hooves and other spiky bits flew down from above intent on turning the pleasant land of Meridell into a smoking crater.

Of course, the invaders were defeated, by the help of the villagers who took up arms to fend them away. Now you get the chance to recreate this historic battle by playing Invasion of Meridell - 300 BN. Control the good guys, and defeat the bad guys, and win a nice trophy for your User Lookup. You may win the battle, but can you win the war?

How to play[edit]

Objective: you must defend your Meridell villages against the invading monsters! How you win: defeat all of the invading Neopets in each battle.

How you lose: when the invading Neopets destroy four out of your six villages, or when all of your troops are defeated.

Whenever one of your pieces is defeated, it converts to the evil side and begins to attack you! Likewise, whenever you defeat an invading Neopet, it is restored to its normal Meridell self and fights for you. A piece is 'converted' when its health is zero or less. If a pet gets converted to the evil side, and then you convert it back, none of its items or attributes return.

How to you move your pieces: click your piece to select it for movement and then click the square you wish to move it to.

You can move in any direction, up or down, left or right, but not onto a village, other troops or a mountain and you can only move 1 square at a time.

You can move a maximum of 5 squares per turn. Each piece has a limit to how many squares it can move. You can move 5 pieces 1 square each, or a Moehog 3 squares and a Techo 2 squares, but the sum of all moves is no more then 5. A legend on the gameboard will indicate how many squares each species of pet can move.

How you attack: you must be adjacent to an invading Neopet to attack it. Once you are adjacent, just click on the enemy piece. The computer will calculate your attack strength variables against the defender's defence strength to determine if you hit it. If you did, the computer will calculate the damage done.

Player's Abilities, Attributes & Items: once you get the hang of the game and want to use more strategy, you can view your army's and the Invaders army's statistics by clicking on 'Full Statistics' located in the upper right hand corner of the game board.

Each character is broken down into Attack Strength, Defence Strength and Health. The higher the attribute, the better. Be careful if your Neopet has a weak 'Defence Strength' and your attacker has a strong 'Attack Strength'!

Special weapons, potions and magic items are littered throughout the battlefield from past battles. Have your pet land on any item to acquire it. Be careful, however, as each pet can only hold one attack item and one defence item! All potions are consumed as soon as they're landed on.

Certain items are 'specialised' for certain pets, so certain items in the hands of certain pets will have extra power! You'll just have to discover what they are... or click on the Neopet's picture for a clue. Important! You won't win without your Moehog and Techo at the higher levels. New items only they can use can counter the Grarrl's and Buzzes' new powers! Also, the Buzz's and Grarrls make the regular Invaders increasingly smarter with each level. Your Neopet's attack strength may increase your chances of hitting your opponent. No pet can have an Attack Strength higher then 18 or a Defence Strength higher then 14 in the First Wave.

Attack Strength Bonus
9-11 +1
12-14 +2
15-17 +3
18 +4
19 +5

Likewise, certain defence items will increase a pets defensive strength, making them harder to hit. There are 'specialised' defensive items that work better in the hands of certain Neopets as well.

Complete Mission 5 and receive a runner up trophy! All other trophies are a result of the high score table. In the event of a tied high score, the oldest member comes first

Mission Saves: your troops will automatically be saved after each mission (not battle) is completed. Thus, if your army is defeated on Mission 5, you don't have to start over at Mission 1, but can begin instead at Battle 1 of Mission 5.

Rank And Saves

Number of Saves Your fighter is a
less then 3 Villager
3 to 9 Defender
9 to 32 Soldier
32 to 64 Captain
64 to 96 Lieutenant
96 or more Corporal

Lost Items: there are 30 battles total and 10 missions total and 1 'Lost Item' for each mission. (ie. 10 Lost Items).

  • As you face each wave of invading Neopets, your mission is to not only to defeat the invaders, but to recover various 'Lost Items' which are always located at the Invaders side of the board.
  • Each 'Lost Item' exists for 3 battles.
  • If you recover it in the first battle, it won't appear for the succeeding two battles.
  • Likewise, if you don't recover it in the first battle, it'll appear in the second battle, and failing that, the third battle.
  • If you haven't recovered it by the end of the third battle, it is lost forever, but you will have the opportunity to recover a different lost item for the next mission.
  • There is no penalty for failing to recover a Lost Item, but recovering it will boost your troop's attack and defence abilities by 1 point.
  • If your troops are defeated and they do not make it through a Mission (that is, they don't win all 3 battles of that mission), the boost from the Lost Item for that Mission won't be in effect when you restart that Mission.
  • Be forewarned, if there is only 1 Invader on the board, the Lost Item will disappear, so you need to recover them while there are 2 or more Invaders on the board!
  • Once you recover a Lost Item, it is saved forever! It'll never reappear, no matter how many times you restart a level.

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