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King Skarl of Meridell.

King Skarl is a Blue Skeith and king of Meridell. He is the brother of King Hagan, ruler of the neighbouring, rival kingdom of Brightvale.

His reign has seen many challenges to life in the kingdom. In order to end a period of famine and disease, he sent his knights to retrieve a magical orb that brought prosperity to the kingdom. However, this served as the catalyst for war when the city it was taken from, the Darigan Citadel, invaded. Following the sacking of Meridell, the two kingdoms enjoyed a short peace after they worked together to defeat the corrupted Spectre of Lord Darigan and the orb was broken in two. Old tensions flared up again, however, when Lord Kass took over the Citadel and began a second invasion.

Skarl spent much of this second invasion entranced by Lord Kass' servant, the Court Dancer. Although the second invasion was eventually defeated, Meridell fall again, and its King once again bewitched, when The Darkest Faerie was freed. Meridell and its king would eventually be restored by his niece, Roberta, and Sir Tormund.

Although grumpy and gluttonous, King Skarl is not without virtue, accepting Jeran, his sister Lisha, and her friends into his kingdom when they became lost there.

Plot summaries[edit]

Champions of Meridell[edit]

Main article: Champions of Meridell

Long ago, King Skarl had sent his knights to retrieve a magical orb in order to end the famine and plague in Meridell. When strange, monstrous creatures were spotted in his kingdom, Skarl correctly guessed they were there to take the orb - but he did not reveal at the time that in fact the orb was theirs to begin with, and his knights had stolen it.

When the war began, King Skarl himself joined his knights on the battlefield, as well as releasing The Castle Defender to fight alongside them.

After Meridell's defeat, he joined the bipartisan force that fought the Spectre of Lord Darigan and helped defeat his corrupted enemy. Both he and Master Vex attempted to claim the orb after the Spectre vanished, but it broke in two.

Battle for Meridell[edit]

Main article: Battle for Meridell

After King Skarl was freed from the spell of The Court Dancer, he proclaimed a royal summons, calling his people to join together and protect Meridell, and sending Jeran to lead a direct attack against Darigan Citadel. Skarl also enlisted the services of Kayla, who created a Petpet Growth Syrup to help defend against Lord Kass's ground attack.

NeoQuest II[edit]

Main article: NeoQuest II

In Act I of NeoQuest II, King Skarl was imprisoned by his court wizard Ramtor.

Neopets: The Darkest Faerie[edit]

Main article: Neopets: The Darkest Faerie

Act 1[edit]

After Tormund saved the saved the village of Cogham, King Skarl knights him, dubbing him "Sir Tormund", knight of third class. While Tormund receives his training, a Techo messenger came to Skarl saying Illusen was being attacked by the Werelupe King. King Skarl doesn't believe this and orders the guards to throw him into the moat, but as the guards are dragging the Techo away, the Techo mentions the dark clouds surrounding her glade. The Draik guards begin to make mention of this as well, but thought Illusen was the one who created them. King Skarl immediately orders his knights to go to Illusen's Glade and help her.

After the Werelupe King steals Illusen's Charm, the dark clouds spread all across Meridell. When Tormund returns to the castle, he find King Skarl under the spell of The Darkest Faerie, who is sitting on his throne as she gives orders to the Dark Faerie Sisters. During this time Skarl was possessed, The Darkest Faerie made him serve her dinner just as he had his servants feed him.

Act 3[edit]

Tormund and Roberta return to Meridell Castle, finding the Dark Faerie Sisters and King Skarl in his chambers. After they are defeated, Roberta uses Fyora's Rod to break the spell on King Skarl, who immediately takes the rod from her and dispels the dark clouds over his castle.

After proclaiming how useful Fyora's Rod was, he tosses it over his head. Roberta makes a dive to save it. King Skarl then gives all the credit to himself and Tormund, while Roberta gets mad (It's interesting to note King Skarl didn't even recognize her as his niece). He then walks off to look over the kingdom, leaving Tormund and Roberta behind.

Desert Diplomacy[edit]

Main article: Desert Diplomacy

King Skarl visited the Lost Desert for a trade summit with Princess Amira, where he was robbed. The player had to help figure out the crime.


King Skarl
Difficulty: 200 Starting HP: 200
Arena: Central Arena Released: December 9, 2002
Status: Retired Challenger ID: n/a
Found by: Opponent during the Champions of Meridell plot.

Weapons Used
Boom Stick Attack: 4×4 EarthEarth   1 - 4×1 - 4 FireFire   1 - 4×1 - 4 PhysicalPhysical   1×1 DarknessDarkness   Defence: 5×5 DarknessDarkness Defence  1 - 3×1 - 3 PhysicalPhysical Defence 
Genie Orb Randomly does one of the following:
  • Attack: 3×3 DarknessDarkness   3×3 FireFire  
  • Defence: 3 BE Stat Heal.gif
  • Defence: -3 BE Stat Heal.gif
  • Other: Gives user a Yellow Snowball
Prismatic Mirror Defence: Reflect 80% - 100% of all ×AirAir Defence  ×DarknessDarkness Defence  ×EarthEarth Defence  ×FireFire Defence  ×LightLight Defence  ×WaterWater Defence 
Rainbow Scorchstone Defence: 80 BE Stat Heal.gif (Once per battle)
Sand Blade Attack: 2×2 EarthEarth   1 - 3×1 - 3 PhysicalPhysical  
Skarls Amulet Attack: 2×2 EarthEarth   1 - 3×1 - 3 PhysicalPhysical   Defence: 5×5 FireFire Defence  5×5 EarthEarth Defence  5×5 LightLight Defence  All×All DarknessDarkness Defence 
Skarls Sceptre Attack: 5×5 EarthEarth   5×5 WaterWater   Defence: 3×3 DarknessDarkness Defence 

Better Than You[edit]

Skarl has been a contestant on Better Than You three times:

Date: December 7, 2006 That wretched Lord Kass caused my people so much suffering, and nearly destroyed my finest knight! Whenever I feel stressed out I enjoy a rousing game of Whack-A-Kass. You should try it too. I'll give you something nice from my treasury if you beat my high score.
Game: Whack-A-Kass
Score: 1,175
Prize: King Skarl Stamp

Date: July 30, 2009 Incredible! These Hasees are such acrobats! Their aerial stunts are a marvel to behold -- at least, when they're bouncing for me. Royalty does have its privileges. Can you inspire them to perform as well for you?
Game: Super Hasee Bounce
Score: 1,250
Prize: Meridell Shield Stamp

Date: 8 November 2012 Woo! Look at it go! I bet they'll find it in Shenkuu! Heh heh! This is a quaint little game, isn't it? Gives a fellow some exercise (but not too much), helps him work up an appetite – Bring me another drumstick! – and it teaches history. Naturally I'm quite skilled at it.
Game: Kass Basher
Score: 1,180
Prize: Honey Basted Turkey Leg


  • As of September 2006, there are 26 items featuring King Skarl.
  • When King Skarl isn't available to listen to jokes in Grumpy Old King, a message says...

King Skarl has gone to feast on some (random Meridell Food).

You should try back in an hour or so.

He might be in a better mood with a full stomach.

  • The time when King Skarl is unavailable is at 8:00-9:00 AM, 1:00-2:00 PM, and 7:00-8:00 PM NST.
  • How to Draw walkthrough added on May 20, 2006.

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