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Neopets:The Darkest Faerie PS2 cover.

Neopets: The Darkest Faerie is an action role playing game for the PlayStation 2. It describes the return of The Darkest Faerie, 1,000 years after she was turned into a statue by Queen Fyora, and follows the story of aspiring knight Tormund and diplomat-turned-sorceress Roberta who unite to defeat her. It is set in the lands of Meridell, Faerieland, Brightvale and Altador.

It was developed and created by Sony Computer Entertainment's Santa Monica studio, Idol Minds. It received its North American release on 15 November 2005, the sixth anniversary of the websites founding in 1999. It was not released outside of North America.

Plot summary[edit]

Act 1[edit]

At the bottom of the sea in Maraqua, the statue of The Darkest Faerie cracks open when Jerdana's Orb falls over her neck, causing a thunderstorm to erupt above the once calm waters. In the farmlands of Meridell, Tormund and his sister play a make believe fight between Jeran and Lord Darigan. Play time is over when Tormund accidentally releases all the Whinnys escape from their pen. Tormund herds the Whinnys back into the pen, once done his Mum calls him over to get some water for her plants. At the pump Tor is filling the water when it breaks down. He goes back to his mum and hands her the water. After this Tor's father wants Tor to talk to him in the house. When he gets there Tor's father said that he would have to deliver a package. Tor thinks he is going to deliver it to Farmer Addison, but his father said he has to deliver it to the Knight Recruitment Centre in Meridell, the place Tor has been wanting to go for all his life.

Before reaching Meridell, Tor saves a mysterious beggar named Kell, who gives him an amulet. Once he reaches Meridell, the box his father gave him to be delivered to Meridell is mugged by Heermeedjet and Meerouladen. Tor has to chase them until they get to a dead end alley, and manages to get the box back with the help of a mysterious knight. Once you are at the Knight Recruitment Centre, Tor gives the box to the knight at the table. After that the knight asks Tor if he wants to be a knight, which Tor gladly say yes. The knight tells Tor that he needs to see a signature from a sponsor.

Sir Torak usually sponsors anyone, he usually is at the bar when he isn't working for King Skarl. When Tor talks to Sir Torak he says that his sword is broken and won't sign anything. So Tor has to find all the sword pieces and bring them to the Meridell Armoury to get the pieces back to together. When he does this Torak signs his papers. Tor then needs permission from his parents to become a knight. Upon returning home, Tor discovers his sister is lost in Shadowglen Woods. After saving her, Tor is allowed to become a knight. At the castle, Torak teaches Tor skills with a sword. After completing several chores, Tor must save a mountain village called Cogham from Ixi Raiders. Upon returning to the castle, Tor is knighted. After that, a messenger from Illusen tells Skarl of dark clouds over Illusen's Glade and that the Werelupe King has attacked Illusen. Tor must then save Illusens's Glade from the Werelupe King. After beating the red four-armed Werelupe Gnarfas, Illusen tells Tor of the Darkest Faerie's plot and telling him to warn king Skarl before getting possessed by the Darkest Faerie and exclaiming "This land is mine!" and kicking Tor from her home in the trees.

Tormund immediately returns to Meridell Castle. However, when he gets there, he finds that King Skarl is already being controlled by The Darkest Faerie. He hears her talking to her sisters about her revenge plans. The Darkest Faerie Sisters notice Tormund and chase after him. Tormund tries to harm them, but they are invincible. Tormund has no choice but to flee the castle using its sewer system.

Act 2[edit]

Roberta and Seradar arrive at Faerieland to speak with Fyora about the dark clouds gathered over Meridell. However, she can't see them just yet. So, Seradar makes due in the royal library while Roberta is asked by a old Aisha to get a Harris out of a tree (the old woman will turn out to be Jerdana in Act 4). After that you'll have a choice of doing side missions, exploring Faerieland.

Eventually, bad things start to happen to Faerieland as they happened to Meridell. The Darkest Faerie appears and ties up Fyora, preventing her from helping Roberta. Roberta finds her torturing the same old woman she helped earlier. Distracting The Darkest Faerie with a bell, she is able to rescue her. She is able to escape from The Darkest Faerie but is knocked off her flying Uni and falls.

Act 3[edit]

Tormund arrives at a beach just as Roberta falls to the same location. After saving a few towns from the Darkest Faerie, and fighting the Gelert Assassin a few times, they then try to get Illusen's charm back from the Werelupe King. Sophie told Tormund and Roberta about a charm that would allow you to gain access to the Werelupes' cave which was buried with the last person who tried to go in the Werelupes' cave for the Werelupes' treasure. Tormund and Roberta find the charm and access the cave, but Roberta is captured by the Werelupes. Tormund defeats the Werelupe King and frees her. He attempts to give the charm to Illusen, but the Gelert Assassin interferes. With help from his family, Tormund and Roberta are able to rescue Illusen after a final battle with the Gelert Assassin. After retrieving Fyora's Rod from a skeletal Draik, they confront the Dark Faerie Sisters, remove their invulnerability, and defeat them, returning Meridell to normal. They then go to give the rod to Fyora, but it is a trap set up by the Darkest Faerie. Fyora is able to break free and tell them about a portal that will take them to Altador before being placed in a bottle. Tormund and Roberta pass through the portal to Altador.

Act 4[edit]

Tor and Roberta awaken in Altador. They meet King Altador and he tells them that they must awaken the four heroes within their shrines. Once this is accomplished, Tor and Roberta head deep in the Hall of Heroes secret passageway to awaken Jerdana and the other heros. Once they are awakened, Tor and Roberta are able to return to Faerieland to take on the Darkest Faerie in a final battle as she sends Faerieland plummeting down towards Meridell with Fyora's Rod. They defeat her and re-imprison her into the stone, freeing Fyora in the process and ending the threat of The Darkest Faerie hopefully for good.




The Twelve Protectors

Playstation 1 Version[edit]

Neopets: The Darkest Faerie was originally developed for the original PlayStation by The Code Monkeys, but was cancelled for unknown reasons.


  • Neopets: The Darkest Faerie includes 12 out of 50+ different species of Neopets from the popular website.
  • Near the end of the game, the user is tasked with reawakening the 12 heroes of Altador through a series of puzzles. But the user only physically reawakens 5 of them, while the rest are scattered across Altador or not seen at all.
  • The scheme of crashing Faerieland into the ground would be repeated (successfully) by a Xweetok sorceress in the 2010 plot The Faeries' Ruin.

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