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Pronunciation: brite-vay-ul
Released: August 11, 2004
Yooyuball team: Team Brightvale

Brightvale, release on August 11, 2004, is a peaceful kingdom ruled by the wise King Hagan. Like their king, the citizens of Brightvale value knowledge and wisdom above all else. Because of this, Brightvale has a nearly endless supply of well educated scholars. This prosperous land is also famous for its beautifully crafted stained glass windows. Each year the Discovery of Brightvale is celebrated on it's release day anniversary.

When it was first released users could only access Brightvale by clicking on a special signpost in Meridell. However, on June 24, 2006, Brightvale became directly accessible from the main map of Neopia and can be found 50 miles southwest of Meridell.


Shops: Brightvale Armoury, Brightvale Books, Brightvale Glaziers, Brightvale Fruits, Brightvale Motery, Royal Potionry, The Scrollery
Games: Wise Old King, Wheel of Knowledge


Unlike the neighbouring kingdom of Meridell, Brightvale is best known for its well-educated populace. The kingdom is ruled by King Hagan, who is brother to Meridell's ungainly King Skarl. King Hagan feels embarrassment over his family ties and therefore does not have a close relationship with Skarl.

Although close to Meridell, the two kingdoms have very little else in common. The citizens of Brightvale celebrate knowledge and learning above all else, treasuring their fine literature and history. From the outside, many other Neopians seem to look down upon the residents of Brightvale, thinking them snobbish, though Brightvalers appear to neither notice nor care.


Main article: Team Brightvale

Though they were famous for their shady tactics and foul play in 2006, Brightvale's Yooyuball team has since turned over a new leaf and abandoned their cheating ways. The team has had relatively poor performances in last several Altador Cup tournaments, and due to a decree by King Hagan, the team did not participate in the 2009 games at all.

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