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Master Vex as shown in his Gallery of Heroes portrait.

Master Vex (also known as The Warden) is a Purple Mynci, introduced on (need date) through the game Cellblock.


Master Vex is the eccentric prison warden of the dungeon within Darigan Citadel, guarding those imprisoned by Lord Darigan. Due to it being a full time job, he rarely leaves the dungeon. Due to boredom, he invented the game Cellblock, and forcing the inmates to play, promising freedom to whoever can beat him. Nobody has managed to win a single game against him, though even if they did, Master Vex lies about releasing them to begin with. Master Vex is considered evil due to being a prison warden, yet he has shown logic instead of blind obedience when faced with a ruler who is unjust.

Plot Summary[edit]

Champions of Meridell[edit]

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During the night the orb drove Lord Darigan mad with power, Master Vex helped The Yellow Knight escape and warn the kingdom of Meridell and Galgarroth of Darigan's army. With Lord Darigan now a threat to his own citadel, Master Vex rallied the Darigan troops within the citdel to stand against the Spectre of Darigan. After Lord Darigan was defeated and the orb was dropped, Master Vex rushed towards it with King Skarl, claiming it must gained for each of their own kingdoms. Before either could take it however, the orb cracked in half, making it worthless.

Battle for Meridell[edit]

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During the political takeover of Darigan Citadel by Lord Kass, Vex and Galgarroth were the only ones who stood against him. Because of this, Vex was thrown into the dungeons Vex once overlooked. It's believed he has sine been released with the return of Lord Darigan.


  • An avatar featuring Master Vex was released February 23, 2004.
  • Master Vex's Gallery of Heroes article was added on December 14, 2004.

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