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Lord Darigan desktop image released on Korbat day 2005.

Lord Darigan is a Darigan Korbat and ruler of Darigan Citadel, a dark kingdom floating above Meridell. He waged war on Meridell in order to retrieve a magic orb that brought prosperity, that was taken from his people and caused them to mutate into their current twisted forms, but has since made peace with the other kingdom. He was the main antagonist of the Champions of Meridell plot, but somewhat reformed during the Battle for Meridell plot.

Plot summaries[edit]

Champions of Meridell[edit]

Main Article: Champions of Meridell

King Skarl, corrupted with greed and holding great power with the Meridellian Army, captured the orb that had kept the peace and stability in Lord Darigan's kingdom. Since they knew no war and were peaceful, the orb was taken without any resistance. After this a plague spread over his people, transforming them into dark and violent Neopets, and his kingdom was ripped from the ground and began to fly in the air. Lord Darigan became obsessed with retrieving the orb for his people, and with his lieutenant Galgarroth raised an army for what would be the First Meridell-Darigan War.

Darigan Citadel was victorious and Meridell was sacked, and the power of the orb and the manipulations of the The Three corrupted Lord Darigan, turning him into the Spectre of Lord Darigan. He wished to destroy all of Neopia, and would have, but for the Master Vex, who opposed Darigan's madness and collaborated with his then-prisoner the Yellow Knight, to convince Galgarroth to lead a revolt against him. Together with King Skarl, Jeran, Lisha and her friends, they led a great uprising and over-came Darigan. He disappeared, leaving the orb behind.

Battle for Meridell[edit]

Main Article: Battle for Meridell

Lord Darigan disappeared and lost his grasp on his own being, becoming feral, until compassion from farm girl named Sally allowed him to recover himself from being The Bat-Thing and reclaiming his being as Lord Darigan, rising up to fight the new king of the Darigan Citadel, Lord Kass, Lord Darigan's former subordinate and follower. After fighting, Lord Kass disappeared mysteriously, and Lord Darigan reclaimed his leadership and established a truce with Meridell for 1,000 years. Lord Darigan and Galgarroth continue to work hard in his chambers to rebuild their realm, restore peace and make his followers see the error of their ways.

Neopets: The Darkest Faerie[edit]

Main Article: Neopets: The Darkest Faerie

Even though Neopets: The Darkest Faerie took place mostly within Meridell, Lord Darigan wasn't seen throughout all of it. However, Tormund's sister wore a mask pretending to be him while they played a mock fight of Jeran versus Lord Darigan.


Lord Darigan[edit]

Lord Darigan
Difficulty: 800 Starting HP: 800
Arena: Central Arena Released: Unknown
Status: Retired Challenger ID: n/a
Found by: Opponent during the Champions of Meridell plot.

Spectre of Lord Darigan[edit]

Spectre of Lord Darigan
Difficulty: 5,000 Starting HP: 5,000
Arena: Central Arena Released: Unknown
Status: Retired Challenger ID: n/a
Found by: Opponent during the Champions of Meridell plot.



During the Battle for Meridell plot, the design of Lord Darigan's head is highly inconsistent, going from the green lower jaw of the Champions of Meridell design and reverting to the whole and grey one of The Bat-Thing.

This confusion is further exacerbated with the Neopets TCG cards such as The Bat-Thing, Darigan, Redeemed, and Protect the Village showing disagreeing designs.

During his battle with Lord Kass, Darigan's jaw changes between the designs and afterwards it appears he is wearing a mask, also. However, with the conclusion of the plot, Lord Darigan's lower jaw was shown as whole and grey, a design believed to be now resolved to due his appearance at his chambers. However, the old design continues to appear, including in the Advent Calender animation of December 16, 2006, and Discovery of Meridell 2007.

Better Than You[edit]

Lord Darigan has been a contestant on Better Than You twice:

Date: September 21, 2006 I admit, even I occasionally need to take a break from my duties as lord of Darigan Citadel. I find it... relaxing to partake in a game of Turmac Roll. I dare you to challenge my score, for you will surely fail miserably.
Game: Turmac Roll
Score: 3,750
Prize: Darigan Wardrobe

Date: July 29, 2010 In honour of the Discovery of Meridell celebration coming up, Darigan Citadel is participating in some of the games that our quaint neighbours have established. I must confess that I have a personal fondness *cough* for the charming pastime of Kass Basher
Game: Kass Basher
Score: 1,210
Prize: Eyrie Militia Boots


  • As of September 2006, there are 11 items featured Lord Darigan.
  • Lord Darigan is one of the only 2 known Neopet characters drawn with five fingers, the other being Jahbal, though sometimes Clara Chatham and Judge Hog are drawn like that.
  • Despite the 1,000 year truce Lord Darigan made with Meridell at the end of Battle for Meridell, some users believe he may be plotting something. The NeoGreeting Darigan Watching You which show the words "Still watching you" as Lord Darigan watches Meridell Castle atop his Citadel seem to support this theory. This could, however, refer to Lord Darigan watching King Skarl, who stole from him in the past.

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