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The Darigan Citadel is a large floating fortress that hovers in the sky over Meridell. It is currently ruled by Lord Darigan. The Darigan Citadel was introduced on November 20, 2002, as part of the Champions of Meridell plot. In this plot, it is revealed that the citizens of the Citadel used to have a plentiful kingdom of their own. However, after King Skarl's knights stole the magical orb that allowed their kingdom to flourish, their once peaceful land fell into ruins and the citizens themselves took on monstrous forms.

The Darigan Citadel has waged war against the land of Meridell twice. The first of these two wars took place during the Champions of Meridell plot, and the second took place during the Battle for Meridell plot, for which time it was known as the Kass Citadel. Since the end of the Battle for Meridell plot, the two kingdoms have had an uneasy but stable truce.

Areas of Interest[edit]

Shops: Darigan Toys
Games: Cellblock, Petpet Arena
  • Darigan Colouring: This area contains Darigan themed colouring pages.
  • Lord Darigan's Chambers: Users can visit Lord Darigan here.
  • Minion's of Darigan: At this location, users can see the old designs for the Darigan colour.


Main article: Team Darigan Citadel

Boasting both an exceptional offense and a solid defense, the Darigan Citadel's Yooyuball team is considered one of the best teams in the league. The team took home the cup in 2007, and since that time they have never placed lower than 7th.


Main Article: Darigan

Users can make their Neopets and Petpets resemble the monstrous citizens of the Darigan Citadel by changing the colour of their pets to Darigan. Pets that are painted Darigan are generally purple, yellow, blue, or red in color and have black accents. The Darigan colour for Neopets was released on April 10, 2003, and the Darigan colour for Petpets was released on November 22, 2005.

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