Petpet Battles

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Petpet Battles
Petpet Battles
ID # 231
World Meridell
Category Action
High Scores
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Petpet Battles is where you go to train your Neopet's PetPet. This is really useful and can help your Neopet during battle. Your current Petpet will fight against a computer's Petpet and if your Petpet wins, it goes onto the next stage.

When battling, an opponent will be chosen for you. A level one Petpet will be able to challenge opponents up to three levels greater or weaker than his level. This is totally random how difficult the challenger is. Obviously the higher the opponents level, the tougher the fight will be. As your petpet gains levels it will be able to challenge a broader range of petpet levels.

Every time your Petpet gets a score of ten, they will gain a level. For example, a level one Petpet who wins his tenth match will become level two and their score will be set back to 0. Once your petpet gains a level it cannot lose it in the Petpet Battledome, even if they never win a match again. However, a zap from the Petpet Lab Ray can sometimes lower (or raise) your Petpet's level. Awakening the Turmaculus can also cause a rise in level for your Petpet, although you run the risk of your Petpet being eaten by Turmy and disappearing permanently.


Body blows have a greater chance of landing, but do less damage. Head shots are harder to land, but much more damage if you manage to pull it off. In addition to selecting body blows and head shots, your petpet also has the option of using their shield, which absorbs some of their opponents attack. A petpet can still attack even if it has decided to use a shield. Your petpet can only use its shield a limited number of times, so choose wisely.

A great strategy to use is to pick an attack, and if it hits, keep using that attack until it fails. If your petpet starts to take a lot of damage begin using your shield. Try not to use your shield unless you REALLY REALLY need it. Once you have the opponent to around 15-20% of their health use your shield as many times as you can. If this doesn't totally destroy the other petpet it should at least severely weaken them enough for you to win in the next round or two.


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