Chia Bomber 2

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Chia Bomber 2
Chia Bomber 2
ID # 539
World Tyrannia
Category Action, Classics
High Scores
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Chia Bomber 2 is an action game, where Chia Bombers have invaded Geoffrey's neighbourhood and are attacking him and his friends with mud-slinging bazookas. Geoffrey has set out with his home made water-balloon gun in an effort to drive them out of town.

How to play[edit]

Press up, down, left or right to move Geoffry. Press space to shoot water balloon. Press M to lay a mine. You only have 5 mines in each level. The following Chia Bomber colors are: Green, blue, yellow, red and black. Defeat all the Chia Bombers to reach to the next level!


  • Typing in geoffrey rewards the player with an extra life
  • An Avatar is available to players who score more than 1,300

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