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ID # 412
World Terror Mountain
Category Action
High Scores
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In this game you have to guide Dieter the Polarchuck (a very hungry Polarchuck who just loves munching snow!) to the bottom of each level before the time runs out!

How to play[edit]

In every level of the game, the aim is to eat the coloured blocks of snow and get to the bottom. Use the arrow keys to move Dieter around and the spacebar button to munch the snowblocks. The colourful snowblocks take only one bite to eat and the darker blocks of dirt take two bites to eat. All connected blocks of the same colour (except dirt) will disappear when Dieter eats. Unsupported blocks (blocks not sharing a side with another, supported block of the same colour) will slowly collapse, and will cost Dieter a life if they drop on him. Moving down the page, Dieter will come across green gems that are worth an average of 100 extra points.

As the levels progress, new colours of blocks and blocks with special effects are added. On level 2 a new block is introduced with a Snow Wurm inside. Eating the snow underneath will release the Wurm and expose the purple gem (worth an average of 200 points) that it was guarding. Stay away from the Snow Wurms or else they will kill Dieter if they touch him. Ice with clocks in them add an extra 10 seconds to the timer, ice with grapes are worth 50 points and ice with an eyeball inside are worth 20 points.

In every level there is a 90 second time limit and the depth starts off at 50 meters and increases by 10 meters per level. Failing to reach the bottom of a level before time runs out will cost a life and restart the level.


Every time Dieter takes a bite the bloated meter will increase by 5%. At the beginning of each level the meter is reset to zero. Once he reaches 100% he cannot eat anymore otherwise a life is lost. To avoid dying, there are red bottles of Bloat-B-Gone medicine dispersed throughout the snowblocks. Eating the medicine will restore 50% of health, however the total percentage cannot go into the negatives. So if the meter says 30% and he eats the medicine the meter will go to 0% not -20%. Lose all three lives and the game is over.

  • Typing buuuurrrrrrrrp will gain 50% of your health back. One use per game.


  • A Snowmuncher avatar was released on July 15, 2004. To get it, send a score of 5,000 points or more.
  • Easter Egg: TPOSG will make an appearance if you click on Dieter's right eye on the main screen.

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