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ID # 202
World Virtupets Space Station
Category Puzzle
High Scores
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Spell-Or-Starve is a puzzle game starring Channy the Mynci. Trapped in the maintenance area by Neopet V2, Channy has to escape from each level of the game by forming words before time runs out.

How to play[edit]

The game runs in either Normal or Zen mode and has three levels of difficulty: Easy (6x6), Medium (8x8), Hard (10x10). To play, simply spell words out by following the blocks in any direction (including diagonals). Each level typically has one light-blue tile that continuously shows a different random letter, and one tile with an image of Neopet V2 on it that acts as a substitute for any letter the player needs to complete a word.

The game allows the player to rotate the playing surface in order to shuffle the tiles. There are five levels to complete, each requiring more points than its predecessor. Once enough points are gathered Neopet V2 will open the door to the next level.


The value of a word increases depending on the amount of letters in it. Words cannot be more than 8 letters long. Some letter tiles act as multipliers that can double or triple the value of a word. Completing the entire game will award an extra 100, 200, or 300 points based on the level of difficulty chosen.

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