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Dates of when events occurred with Defenders of Neopia, and filled out Plot Summaries
This article is about the organisation and the Battledome activities. For the flash game the Defenders appear in, see Defender Trainer.

The Defenders of Neopia are a team of superheroes lead by Judge Hog that foil the plots of Neopian monsters and supervillains. Beginning on 31 May 2002, players were invited help the Defenders by beating certain villains in the Battledome.

Each mission with the Defenders is introduced with a comic strip, and the player, as a new recruit of the Defenders, is sent out to find and beat that villain in the Battledome. The player must complete a mission before they can do the next one. Missions are released slowly over time and of increasing difficulty. Each mission completed earns the player an upgraded trophy.

A second series was released on 12 April 2006, whose sequence of enemies can be battled concurrently to series one.


The Defenders of Neopia are all based around comic book-style superheroes, and are often featured in the mission comics. Some characters, like Torchio and The Marvellous Stretchy Chia parody real world comic book characters - The Human Torch and Mr Fantasic respectively. The Defenders include:

Other superheroes, who have not explicitly been depicted as members of the Defenders, include:

Plot summaries[edit]

Series 1[edit]

Rescue Ginny's Bike[edit]

While Ginny was out on her new bike, the Pant Devil snuck up on her and stole it from her. Ginny went to Judge Hog for help in defeating the Pant Devil, who was soon after caught and defeated by someone within Defenders of Neopia, and Ginny's bike was returned.

You can find the Pant Devil when he steals something from you in a Random Event, or by landing on him on the Wheel of Excitement.

Neohome Nightmare[edit]

A Chia and his Tigermouse named Squeaky move into a haunted Neohome at 131 Soup Alley in Neopia Central. Later that night, objects began floating into air and attacking them, and then the Ghost Lupe appeared, chasing them out of the Neohome. They ran to the Defenders of Neopia Headquarters to get help and soon after the Ghost Lupe was caught in a ghost trap.

To get him as a challenger, refresh at this Neohome.


A Kacheek and an Aisha are hiking the recently discovered Tyrannia, and the Aisha spots a cave. The Kacheek dares the Aisha to go in, and the Aisha dares the Kacheek back and he accepts. As they enter, a Cave Chia spots them after they almost fall over an edge. Feeling they are being watched, the Aisha wants to leave, but the Kacheek insists on continuing. They are both caught by the Cave Chia and hung in a cage high above the ground. Televised news reports they have gone missing and Judge Hog calls forth the Defenders of Neopia, finding and capturing the Cave Chia, saving the Neopets.

Refresh here to get him as a challenger.

Meuka Attacks![edit]

Meuka was hungry and decided to explore after finding no food in the Haunted Woods, finding a local village. The villagers ran in fear, but the more Meuka ate, the more mucus he created, trapping the Neopets in it. Judge Hog sends Sergeant Brexis and the defenders of Neopia to help, and defeated Meuka in time.

You can find Meuka by refreshing at the Quick.Ref page when your pet gets sick with the Sneezles or Neoflu.

The Brain Tree's Bad Day[edit]

A Krawk and Usul are lost in the Haunted Woods looking for the Brain Tree. Tired and cold, they eventually find him but before they can complete their quest, the Brain Tree suddenly attacks and grabs them. A passing Nimmo hears their cries and calls the Defenders for help.

To fight the Brain Tree complete one of his quests.

It's a Trap![edit]

Captain K was flying back from another successful mission when he noticed a small planetoid giving off life readings even though it has no atmosphere. He decides to investigate not knowing that this was all a trap set up by Commander Garoo. News of Captain K's kidnapping reaches the Defenders and they quickly set off to rescue him.

To find Commander Garoo refresh at the Space Station here.

The Tiki Curse[edit]

The Masked Intruder and the Marvellous Stretchy Chia are investigating a case around Mystery Island which concerns a villain named "Tekkitu the Witch Doctor". Unbeknownst to them, they are being spied by Tekkitu. The Masked Intruder finds a small hut in the vicinity and looks around. He find a wand that Judge Hog described as a "Mind Control Stick". Tekkitu shows up and snatches the wand away. He mind-controls the Masked Intruder and orders him to attack the Marvellous Stretchy Chia.

After Tekkitu is defeated, The Masked Intruder is released from the spell.

The Return of Malkus Vile[edit]

The Meerca Henchmen steal a Zafara's backpack.

Trick or Treat[edit]

One Halloween night, deep in the Haunted Woods, 3 Trick-or-Treaters decide to take a shortcut through the Woods. They are almost out when they see something floating ahead, suddenly a Giant Ghostkerchief blocks their path. Back at DoN Headquarters, Judge Hog hears their screams and rushes to help.

To get the Giant Ghostkerchief as a challenger simply go to this news page.

Evil Sloth Clone Attack![edit]

All over Neopia, attacks by Evil Sloth Clones on innocent Neopians have been reported. It is your task to assist the Defenders against the invading army.

To fight the evil clones, visit the Moon of Kreludor here.

The Hungry Snow Beast[edit] be added...

The Even-Hungrier Chomby[edit] be added...

Scratch That Itch[edit]

A Blue Noil named Fluffy begins to scratch its fur as the Mootix Warrior, forcing Judge Hog to ask for help in ending the Petpets suffering. After the Mootix Warrior is defeated, Fluffy is finally able to fall asleep.

The Mootix Warrior is an automatic challenger.


To find this challenger, refresh at the pet lookup of the pet named Kastraliss or while viewing Kastraliss (TCG).

The Monster Slug[edit]

Somewhere above the Ruins of Maraqua, two curious friends decide to swim all the way to the bottom. As they explore the Ruins, an old chest catches their attention. Inside, they find a magnificent golden oyster. Suddenly a large shadowy shape looms behind the unsuspecting Flotsam and Acara, covering them in darkness. The Flotsam turns on the lamp and the light reveals a Slug Monster about to attack. Will you be brave enough to save them?

To get the Slug Monster as an opponent you must have the item Slug Flakes in your inventory, go to Old Maraqua and refresh the "GO AWAY!" pop-up.

The Drenched[edit] be added...

The Qasalan Mummy[edit] be added...

Series 2[edit]

In the heart of Neopia Central...[edit]

The DoN received a call for help from Neopia Central when Mr. Chuckles began to attack. Already on a path through there, Judge Hog went alone against Mr. Chuckles, whose weapons weren't effective against Judge Hog. Judge Hog mocked him as a wanna-be villain, and Mr. Chuckles retaliated with a flurry cream pies, which hit Neopians and turn them into clowns under his control. They hold Judge Hog down as Mr. Chuckles knocks him unconscious. Judge hog wakes up hours later hanging upside-down, about to be fed to monstrous Noils in Chuckles hideout.

To find Mr. Chuckles, users had to first ask Sidney, then Arnold and lastly Leeroy in order to find Mr. Chunkles' lair.

However, he can now be found by simply refreshing at the Coconut Shy.

Somewhere in the Lost Desert...[edit]

The story opens up with a Mynci archeologist in an ancient tomb, about to complete his lifelong dream of finding a mysterious mummy. He opens the golden sarcophagus the mummy is in, revealing the main villain, Eyrieki. As the Mynci opens the lid, though, he notices an inscription which he reads. This causes Eyrieki to suddenly come to life, who promptly bursts out of the pyramid by smashing through a stone wall. Once he gets out, Eyrieki begins to cause havoc to market stands in Sakhmet.

Back at the Defender's HQ, Judge Hog calls in Lightning Lenny and gives him the mission of taking down the undead Eyrie terrorizing Sakhmet. Lightning Lenny zooms off to the desert city after Judge Hog is finished talking to him, and confronts Eyrieki. The two fight for a short while before Lightning Lenny runs back to the tomb where Eyrieki was released to find an answer to defeat him for good. Eyrieki, however, catches up to him and blows sleeping dust on the Lenny Defender, just as he figures out the answer.

Eyrieki is found by entering any room (not hall) in the Temple of 1,000 Tombs here.

Near Hubert's Hot Dog Stand...[edit]

The comic opens up as a normal day in Neopia Central. Two kids notice Kasuki Lu standing near Hubert's hot dog stand. They eagerly approach the Chia, but, as they begin to talk, Kasuki Lu stomps past them and pushes his way to the hot dog cart, which he lifts up and shakes out the hot dogs. He breaks the stand and then heads toward the Battle Magic shop.

Meanwhile, Mammoth is helping some store owners move their stores. He gets a call from Judge Hog, who informs him of Kasuki Lu's rampage. Mammoth expresses his disbelief, but agrees to go after the crazed Chia, despite the fact that he had been a childhood hero of his. Mammoth soon arrives at the place where Kasuki Lu is causing havoc and tries to talk some sense to him, which ultimately fails. They briefly wrestle against each other, and Mammoth prepares to punch Kasuki Lu. However, he hesitates, and Kasuki Lu takes advantage of it to toss Mammoth.

To get Kasuki Lu as a challenger, the user must buy the trading card 'Kasuki Lu' and refresh at their inventory page with it.

In The Defenders Headquarters...[edit]

Lady Frostbite is trying to freeze all of Neopia. To get her a a challenger, go here.

In Space...[edit]

After her spaceship's engine malfunctions, Scout crash lands in Tyrannia. During the crash, she hits her head, which causes her to hallucinate and see giant bug monsters. Believing that these imaginary monsters are trying to attack her, Scout starts wildly blasting her ray gun.

You can find Cybunny Scout by viewing the Cybunny Scout trading card.


  • The address of the Neohome at which the Ghost Lupe was appears on the comic page 1 Neohome Nightmare. Also, the ghost trap used is similar to the one used by the Ghostbusters.
  • In comic page 2 of Meuka Attacks!, Judge Hog called his partner Danger Buzz, but his real name is Sergeant Brexis, as there is a Collectable Card and book named after him.
  • When Eryieki was released for Series 2 on May 26, 2006, the link for Mr. Chuckles intro comic was replaced with Eryieki's. This has since been fixed.
  • It is unknown if the shopkeeper at the NC Mall Superpack Shop works for the Defenders.
  • The title of the sixth mission, It's A Trap, is possibly a reference to a quote from Admiral Ackbar, a character from Return of the Jedi.

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