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"MUHAHAHA.... All your stuff is mine!"

The Pant Devil is an blue, ghost-like creature that has red eyes, a pair of small horns, and one row of sharp teeth. He appears in a random event in which he steals a randomly selected item from the user's inventory. The Pant Devil tends to avoid direct conflict. Instead, he simply steals all of his victim's possessions, leaving them vulnerable.

The Pant Devil has been spotted all over Neopia. He is the first opponent featured in Series 1 of the Defenders of Neopia, and he is also a boss in the game NeoQuest II. The Pant Devil also appears as a space on both the Wheel of Excitement and Wheel of Misfortune. If a user lands on either of these Pant Devil spaces, the Pant Devil will appear and steal a random item from the user's inventory.

It is possible that there multiple Pant Devils, since the Gallery of Evil states:

"They have been spotted all over Neopia so keep alert!"

Random Events[edit]

There is one Random Event involving the Pant Devil:

Bg nc.jpg
The pant devil attacks! He jumps into your inventory and steals your [item].
Pant devil.png

This event steals the listed item from the user's inventory. The first time a user receives this event, they will unlock the Pant Devil as a challenger in the Battledome.

The player may also be visited by the Pant Devil's 'evil' twin, a bearded version of the creature who gives items out instead.

Bg nc.jpg
The Pant Devil's evil twin hands you [item], stolen from his brother. He flies away cackling madly.
Pant devil twin.png

Defenders of Neopia Series 1[edit]

Main article: Defenders of Neopia
Medal2 70098.gif

One sunny day, Ginny decided to ride her new blue bike around town. Suddenly, the Pant Devil snuck up behind her, knocked her off of her bike, stole it, and quickly rode away. Later that day, Ginny went to the Defender of Neopia Headquarters and told Judge Hog want had happened to her. Judge Hog agreed to help her out. After the user defeats the Pant Devil in the Battledome, Ginny is able to get her bike back.

Defenders of Neopia Comic: Page 1, Page 2, Page 3

NeoQuest II[edit]

Main article: NeoQuest II

Players must fight two powerful Pant Devils in the Faerieland portion of the game NeoQuest II. Each Pant Devil holds half of the silver key needed to open the east tower of the faerie castle. After defeating both Pant Devils, users can bring the two key halves to Vitrini who will meld them into a fully formed key. This key can then be used to open the east tower, allowing the player to go fight King Terask.

Pant Devil
M5110 e1220.gif HP:
2,000Easy · 2,500Medium · 3,000Hard
  • Rampant Acceleration - 38% haste
  • Petrification - 62% slow
  • Astral Maelstrom - 64 HP group damage
  • Obliterate - 100 HP damage
  • Half of a silver key
  • 1 weapon / armor
  • 5,000
NP Reward:
1,300 NP

Opening Dialogue:

The Pant Devil grins, wide and toothy. "Come for half the key, eh?" it says. "Then you come and try to take it! Ah hahahahaha!!" It attacks!

Flee Dialogue:

The Pant Devil laughs as you run away. "Run away, run away, never fight another day!" it cackles at you. "Not so tough, you aren't!"

Defeat Dialogue:

The Pant Devil spins around, chortling. "You never never win! No matter what! Ha ha ha!" it says, as you fade to blackness...

Victory Dialogue:

The Pant Devil chuckles a little, but then shakes violently. Suddenly it explodes, giving off a terribly loud POP noise! It vanishes, leaving a huge pile of gold on the floor.


Portrait 11.png
Pant Devil
Difficulty: 21Easy · 42Medium · 63Hard Starting HP: 22Easy · 44Medium · 66Hard
Arena: Rattling Cauldron Released: August 16, 2001
Status: Active Challenger ID: 11
Found by: Having the Pant Devil steal an item from your inventory.

Attack Fork
Level 2 Bubble Beam
Pant Devil Claw
Rainbow Frost Cannon
Rainbow Gun
Rod of Supernova
Small Metal Shield



There is one avatar featuring the Pant Devil:

Pantdeviltaunt.gif I Taunt the Pant Devil
Have one item with an Est. Value of 1 million NP or more OR have multiple items whose total Est. Value is 5 million NP or more in your inventory and then refresh.


  • The Whoot is said to have an uncanny ability to know when the Pant Devil is around.

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