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Description: Aisha
Info Page: Aisha
Special Day: 3 January
Amount Created: 5,505,846 (20th - 1.97%)
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The Aisha (from Japanese , aisha, "loving ones") is a species of cat-like Neopet that was released at the launch of the Neopets website. Aishas are highly intelligent creatures that have a natural gift for magical things. In general, Aishas are agile, playful, and intelligent. They possess a second set of ears (possibly prehensile too) which grant them an incredible sense of hearing. Some Aishas are not native to Neopia. (unknown if they share some kinship with the Neopian aishas)

Almost all Aishas have a letter A on a collar around their neck. In the Neopets Trading Card Game, they are associated with the element of Light. They are so far the only Neopet that can be painted Alien.


The Aisha is currently available in the following colours:

Famous Aishas[edit]


  • An Aisha called Jessica wears a B on her collar in place of an A.

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