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Caylis is a Maraquan Aisha and Isca's sister. Orphaned at a young age along with her sister, she was haunted by prophetic nightmares which usually came to harm Maraqua. Fearing she was the cause of the troubles, Caylis was treated as an outcast and banished from Maraqua, becoming a cynic in the loneliness of the ocean. Although her demeanour seems dark, her heart is pure, and eventually stepped in and became instrumental in the battle against Captain Scarblade and his pirate forces in Curse of Maraqua. She came to be appreciated by the Maraquan community but opted to live alone elsewhere.

Plot summary[edit]

Curse of Maraqua[edit]

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Many years after she was banished, Caylis encountered her sister again as Isca was trafficking Garin out of the city. Caylis scorned Isca's favoured spot with king, and the comfort in which she lived. She reminded her that just as Isca didn't ask for her dreams, she didn't ask for her terrifying nightmares. Caylis swam back out into the open sea, saying "It would be better if we never meet again."

Caylis was later encountered again by Garin, who was attempting to return to Maraqua in order to warn Isca of Captain Scarblade's approach. Caylis refused to help him find Maraqua, bitter that they banished her years ago, but eventually agreed to guide him for her sister's sake. They headed for the city, but once they arrived, they are both arrested by the King's soldiers.

Inside the palace, both Caylis and Garin were taken before the King. After Garin warned the King, he turned to Caylis and asked what she had to do with the pirate's visit. Caylis angrily replied that she even though she tried to help, she was only treated unfairly. She also pointed out that King Kelpbeard would never listen to an outsider, even if they were telling the truth. Kelpbeard had her thrown out of the city again, this time with Isca, who had also been banished as punishment for harbouring a surface dweller.

Outside the city, Caylis watched with her sister as Scarblade begun his attack on Maraqua. Isca tried to convince Caylis to help in battle, but Caylis retorted that not only would they be killed trying, the Maraquans would deserve their fate for banishing them. Eventually, Garin found the sisters and he and Isca agreed that they had to help, but Caylis reminded them that three people couldn't do much good against an entire army. All of a sudden, Goregas, Isca's pet arrived, having been called much earlier in the story. Isca optimistically told Caylis that the odds were a little better, who observed that the Maraquans were losing, and that they had better do something quickly, if anything at all.

Jacques and The Black Pawkeet's crew arrived at that moment. Caylis stopped Garin charging into the fray, insisting on devising a plan first. Her sister agreed, and she formulated one.

Caylis was to take a message to the inside of the city, using secret passages, but she declined Isca's task, saying Isca should do her own dirty work. Jacques took up the task instead, and Caylis remained stubbornly stationary as the rest swam into battle.

Jacques had lost his way inside the tunnels, and although she had refused her sister, Caylis swam into the tunnels to help Jacques out. She and Jacques entered the city and contacted Swordmaster Talek, explaining Isca's plan. Talek offered Caylis a sword before they went into battle, but she declined - summoning the blue glow of her magic, she uttered, "I have something more powerful than that sword.".

Thanks to Caylis' magical intervention, the pirates became easy targets for Jacques and the Maraquan forces. The forces of the Maraquan Army and Garin's crew trapped the pirates inside the main gate of the city, and while Scarblade duelled against Kelpbeard, they were easily captured.

After the war was won, Kelpbeard apologised to Caylis and lifted her banishment. While invited to return, Caylis decided to remain outside of the city - the city life was not for her.


  • As of September 2009, Caylis is featured in 12 different items.

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