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Jacques is a Red Kyrii, and first mate of The Black Pawkeet. Garin's best friend since childhood, Jacques has always been there to protect him, getting Garin out of trouble. Known for his loyalty and honour when it comes to repaying debts, Jacques is well respected by his fellow crewmembers of The Black Pawkeet and the citizens of Maraqua, and will fight to the very end for his friends. Unlike his friend, he was not a fighter during the Curse of Maraqua war.

Plot summary[edit]

Curse of Maraqua[edit]

Main article: Curse of Maraqua

After raiding a wedding, The Black Pawkeet is soon after attacked by Captain Scarblade and the ship The Revenge. While trying to escape and rescue Garin, the skiff Jacques is on is destroyed, and he is captured by The Drenched and taken to their underwater cave. Weeks later, Isca and Garin come to rescue him, and Jacques steals the underwater breathing potion which The Drenched were able to use to keep him with them so long. Escaping from the cave, Jacques fights The Drenched with his friends until the Chasm Beast arrived by the sound of the fight.

The Chasm Beast chased after The Drenched while Jacques and his friends escaped to the surface, where he prompted Garin to help Maraqua when Isca shared her visions with them. Garin then took Jacques back to his inn room on Scurvy Island, where he helped Jacques recover his strength to take back The Black Pawkeet. After he recovered, they explored Scurvy Island and found many of the inhabitants (including crewmen of The Black Pawkeet) left for "something big" that was happening, and decided to go investigate. upon leaving though, he was kidnapped along with Garin by Neopets who were tipped off by a Bori who was listening to them.

"Two swords are better than one!"

Sailed to the exact location they were going to investigate, Jacques and Garin were dropped into a holding cell where he found many of his crewmen from The Black Pawkeet, who are being forced into labour under Captain Scarblade as they prepare for an invasion. Breaking free of their prison with the help of Garin's Maractite Dagger, they went to steal back The Black Pawkeet, which was being used as a rubbish scow. Finding the ship, Jacques created a distraction on the shore which while Garin captured the ship. Upon cleaning the ship, they find the rubbish was a cover, and The Black Pawkeet was really an armoury.

They sail of and pass The Revenge, arriving where they believed Maraqua to be, and Jacques was asked to stay behind while Garin warned the Maraquans, saying that he would be safe in Maraqua. Later, Jacques saw the approach of The Revenge and sees it sink and sail beneath the ocean. Realizing his friend is in danger, Jacques had a portion of his crewmen drink from the underwater breathing potion he stole and chased after The Revenge.

Jacques arrived with his crew to see Garin, Isca and Goregas about ready to fight against the pirates, who have entered the city gates. Making a plan to attack the pirate from two sides, Caylis was asked to sneak inside the city to tell Talek or King Kelpbeard they were making such a move. When she refused, Jacques took up the task and merely asked where he needed to go. Jacques quickly became lost in the murky waters, but was soon lead out by Caylis who had a change of heart. Coming to Talek, they told them their plan and Jacques was armed with a Maractite weapon, and fought with Talek as Caylis disarmed them with her magic, allowing King Kelpbeard to fight Captain Scarblade and defeat the rest of the pirates.

After the battle, Jacques was praised a hero for defending Maraqua, and was welcome to stay in Maraqua if he wished. He chose to stay under the leadership of Garin and return to his life of adventure as a pirate.

Better Than You[edit]

Jacques has been a contestant on Better Than You once:

Date: June 15, 2006 After a long day of piracy, I enjoy relaxing with an amusing game of Petpet Cannonball. Just check out my score... I've gotten quite good! Also, I assure you that no Petpets are harmed during the playing of this game... usually.
Game: Petpet Cannonball
Score: 750
Prize: Pirate Bomber Plushie


  • As of September 2006, is featured in 5 different items: A Toy, Plushie, Brightvale Window, Trading Card and a stamp found in the Maraquan section of the Stamp Album. There is also a Green Pirate Sash, which looks similar to the bandana Jacques wears.
  • In Jacques' Neopedia article released on July 13, 2005 it says he's 18 years, though this may not be his current age.
  • How to Draw tutorial added on August 29, 2007.

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