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Description: Bori
Info Page: Bori
Special Day: 13 October
Amount Created: 3,751,119 (26th - 1.34%)
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The Bori is an armadillo-like Neopet released on 13 October 2004, coinciding with their appearance in the Hannah and the Ice Caves plot. The Bori lived peacefully inside Terror Mountain until the Bringer of Night arrived seeking treasure. Many Bori were killed, and to protect the rest, their leader put them in an enchanted sleep deep within the ice, kept alive by the magic of the Heart of the Mountain.

Armin was the first Bori to awake from the spell, although the Keeper of Time had stayed awake throughout the spell to keep watch. The other Bori were revived during the plot when Hannah united the keystone with the Heart.

Bori are timid Neopets who live underground, and they they have built many miles of mines using their sharp claws. Although not a Limited Edition Neopet, their Ice colour was only made available as part of a Yahoo! toolbar promotion. In the Neopets Trading Card Game, Bori are associated with the element of Earth.


The Bori is currently available in the following colours:


  • As of July 2018, it is ranked 27th out of 55 Neopets species, with over 3.8 million created.
  • Bori are the first species of Neopets to be referred to a 'race'.

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