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Description: Kyrii
Info Page: Kyrii
Special Day: 29 August
Amount Created: 3,642,496 (27th - 1.30%)
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The Kyrii is a weasel-like Neopet that has been available for adoption from the founding of Neopets as the Fuzio. The name and design was changed on 9 February 2001 after a player vote.

Kyrii are keen explorers. They are social creatures who make friends quickly and like to travel together in packs. They take great pride in their hair, and can get angry if it gets dirty.

Kyrii are highly allergic to apples and will come down with Itchy Scratchies if they eat anything with word apple in its name. In the Neopets Trading Card Game they are associated with the element of Fire.

Old designs[edit]

A Blue Fuzio.

The Fuzio consisted of a ball of fluff with a pair of shoes and gloves floating detached away from their body. The design of the current Kyrii was voted upon by users and was finalised on 9 February 2001 (design #4 of 5 different designs, which received over 30,000 votes). All Fuzio in Neopia were then replaced with the new design, and all Fuzio colours were replaced with Kyrii versions.


The Kyrii is currently available in the following colours:


  • As of March 2010, over 3.5 million Kyries have been created, placing them 29th in popularity out of 55 Neopets. They are also featured in 278 different items.
  • An art redesign took place on August 29, 2005.
  • It is believed that Razul, King Jazan's father is a Kyrii, but no one's sure of this.

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