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"Bad luck comes in threes." - The Drenched TCG card

The Drenched are a trio of evil Water Faeries who lurk in the waters just outside of Maraqua. While little is known about their background, it is clear that these three Faerie sisters are evil, malicious, and dangerous. The Drenched are featured in Series 1, Mission 16 of the Defenders of Neopia, and they also played a major role in the Curse of Maraqua plot.

Curse of Maraqua[edit]

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The Drenched kidnapped Jacques after he fell into the water during Captain Scarblade's attack on the Black Pawkeet. The three took Jacques to their lair, an underwater cavern just outside of Maraqua, and held him prisoner. At their lair, the three sisters forced Jacques to drink a potion that allowed him to breathe underwater and they tormented him daily.

The Drenched kidnap Jacques.

Many days later, the Drenched sensed someone outside of their lair. They rushed outside to see what was happening and they found two intruders, Garin and Isca. Two of the Drenched sisters attacked Garin, but the Usul was able to fend them off using his Maractite dagger. The third sister chased Isca as she swam into the underwater cavern in order to rescue Jacques. Isca found Jacques and then lured the third Drenched sister back to the entrance of the lair, allowing Jacques time to steal the Drenched's underwater breathing potion and swim out of the underwater cavern on his own.

While Isca was assisting Jacques in his escape, the other two Drenched sisters had gained the upper hand against Garin. Just when two sisters were about to deal the final blow, Jacques appeared and saved Garin by hitting one of the Drenched sisters on the head with the stolen potion. Enraged by this, the three water faeries were just about to attack Jacques when the Chasm Beast appeared. The Chasm Beast drove the Drenched back into their lair, allowing Garin, Isca, and Jacques to escape for good.

Defenders of Neopia Series 1[edit]

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One day, a young family consisting of a Maraquan Elephante, a Maraquan Shoyru, and a Maraquan Korbat decided to go collect seashells in the Maraquan Ruins. All was going well until the Shoyru heard a noise coming from the shadows. The young Korbat thought the noise was the Slug Beast, but the Elephante reassured him by saying that Slug Beast wasn't real. The family then turned around and discovered the noise was, in reality, coming from an attack by the Drenched!

After hearing about a disturbance in the ruins, Judge Hog dispatched users to the area. After the user defeats the Drenched in the Battledome, Judge Hog is able to catch the three water faeries in a net, saving the young family.

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Portrait 152.png
The Drenched
Difficulty: 600Easy · 15,000Medium · 33,000Hard Starting HP: 600Easy · 15,000Medium · 33,000Hard
Arena: Dome of the Deep Released: June 30, 2005
Status: Active Challenger ID: 152
Found by: Refresh at the Maraquan weather page on days with stormy weather.

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