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A Plushie Jubjub playing with three different kinds of plushies.

A Plushie is a soft toy (hence "Plush"-ie) within Neopets. Plushies and the theme of Plushie is popular in Neopets, ranging from various Plushie Neopets, Petpets, and items.


Due to the large number and variety of plushie items within Neopets (over 1500 items as of April 2009) and the general opinion that they are cute, plushies are one of the more popular items collected in Item Galleries.

Plushie colored pets are quite popular, as well, but are also very valued as the Plushie Paint Brush is one of the most expensive brushes in the game. The number of Plushie pets is somewhat limited because the Lab Ray will not paint pets Plushie colored which means that the only way for a user to obtain a Plushie pet is to buy a paint brush or morphing potion; or to use the prize from a Fountain Faerie Quest. Conversely, the Plushie Petpet Paint Brush is the least expensive Petpet paint brush, making Plushie Petpets quite easy to get.

Perhaps because of the popularity of plushies in Neopia, TNT has been producing plushie merchandise that is available in stores around the world. Some users have collected hundreds of the real plushie items both because they like them and for the Rare Item Codes that can be redeemed on the site and give out special Neopets items.

Plushie Tycoon[edit]

Main article: Plushie Tycoon

Note: In Plushie Tycoon (PT) a user has a store and earns Neopoints when selling plushies but they only exist within PT game frame. The store is not the same as their own shop and the NP is never credited to their account.

Plushie Tycoon is one of the more complicated games on the site and requires more time to play than most. The game restarts every month, starting within the first week of the month and ending at midnight NST on the last day of the month. If a player wishes to attain one of the trophies, they will need to spend 1-3 hours every day for run of the game (more time towards the end) making sure that their factory is producing plushies, shipping them to their plushie store and are being sold. The prizes vary depending on your final NP on hand and how many plushies you sold. This game can be quite lucrative to the user willing to spend time on it as the top prize yields a gold trophy and 200,000 NP. The top seventeen PT players in Neopia for the month also get on the high scores table and earn 250-750 NP per day for the next month.

The first time a player successfully completes the game with a cash on hand balance higher than they started with (50,000 NP) they receive the Plushie Tycoon Avatar.


Main Article: Plushie (colour)

Plushie is one of the many colours that users can paint their Neopets and Petpets. Plushie pets are designed to resemble plushies, complete with stiching, patchwork, and button eyes. The Plushie colour for Neopets was released on November 26, 2002, and the Plushie colour for Petpets was released on December 23, 2002.



A Tyrannian Shoyru Plushie

There are many plushies users can buy and they rage from very common to very rare. While classified by [TNT] as Plushies, they are essentially a toy. In fact, they were originally sold in the Toy Shop in Neopia Central. Because of this, plushies can be played with by pets and will increase the pet's mood. There are a few items that are plushies but are called toys. This includes most of the Poogle Plushies and a few Elephante plushies.

Most can be purchased from the Plushie Palace in the Neopian Plaza. Some are only available as prizes in Plots or from the annual Advent Calendar or other site events. Others are found while playing games around the site including Underwater Fishing and a variety of games in the Deserted Fairgrounds. Some are widely considered to be quite visually pleasing while others are broken, like the very common Headless Von Roo Plushie.

Paint Brush Plushies regularly cause confusion, especially with inexperienced players. Many ill-intentioned users will claim that these plushies work as Paint Brushes when, in fact, they are merely a toy and do not work to change a pet's colour. These users often scam the unaware out of thousands of Neopoints.

Morphing Potions[edit]

Plushie Grundo Morphing Potion

Morphing Potions are available in many colors including Plushie. There are 23 Plushie Morphing Potions as of April 2009. The bottle for each species is unique and looks like a bottle-shaped representation of that plushie pet. If a user chooses to use this item on their pet (note: use on not feed to), their pet will be transformed into that the exact pet in the potion's name. For example, using a Plushie Grundo Morphing Potion on any pet will turn it into a Plushie Grundo.

Magical Plushies[edit]

A different kind of plushie that is also sold in the Plushie Palace. Any pet-shaped plushie prefaced with the word Magical is a special item that acts like a Morphing Potion and will actually change a user's pet when played with. For example, a Magical Green Kiko Plushie will turn a users pet into a Green Kiko. The item is only good for one use and, after, the magic will be used up and the item will become a simple Green Kiko Plushie. In all, there are only 76 different Magical Plushies. The magical plushies look identical to the non-magical plushie of the same type.

Magical Plushies are extremely rare and are only available for a select collection of around 28 individual pet species and 15 colours as of January 2012:

As with plushies, the Magical Poogle and Elephante plushies are called toys. Their exact names are:

  • Magical Green Elephante Toy
  • Magical Purple Poogle Toy
  • Magical Yellow Poogle Toy

Other Items[edit]

There are many other items in Neopia that are plushie themed, including Books, Trading Cards, Battledome Items, Furniture, Food, and a single Stamp.


  • A Neopets Plushie Giveaway began on December 21, 2007. The plushies were new real life Limited Edition plushies being released in stores 2008. Each week users could enter to win a new Neopet and hopefully the grand prize: all the plushies. Sweepstakes ended January 31, 2008.
  • Because Lupes are known to hate Chias, if a user gives a Chia Plushie to a Lupe to play with, the Lupe will destroy it with the message Pet name takes the Chia Doll in their mouth and rips it with glee! and the item will become a Broken Chia Plushie.
  • A real TCG card depicting a specific Neopet plushie (Shoyru Plushie, Chomby Plushie, Mynci Plushie, etc.) of any species will give each card in the player's deck that is of the same species +1 to all stats.
  • There are eleven avatars that either require a plushie item to get or feature a plushie pet.
    • Bori - Grumpy - Features a Plushie Bori and requires that a user view the pet lookup of a Plushie Bori when it has 0 HP.
    • Cybunny Plush - To get this avatar, a user must have a plushie item in their inventory and view the pet lookup of a Plushie Cybunny that is over 30 days old.
    • Koi - Spotted Plushie - This avatar is attained when a user has any Koi Plushie in their inventory and views the pet lookup of any painted (non-basic-colored) Koi.
    • MSPP - This avatar requires that a user view their inventory with the item Malevolent Sentient Poogle Plushie (TCG) in it. This item is extremely rare and is valued, as of April 2009, at over 300 million NP.
    • Plushie! - This avatar is obtained when a user donates any item with plushie in the item name to the Money Tree. It features a Plushie Tonu.
    • Plushie Eyrie - To get this avatar, a user must post the word Squawk on an existing topic on any NeoBoard.
    • Plushie Nova - This avatar is retired. It was only available May 31st, 2004 and, for Australian players, on September 29th, 2005 as a McDonald's Daily Giveaway Prize.
    • Plushie Tycoon - Completing a game of Plushie Tycoon with over 50,000 NP in your game funds gets a user this avatar.
    • Scorchio - Scordrax - Users must have a basic-colored Scorchio Plushie in their inventory and view a Neopets TCG Album with the Scordrax the Furious (TCG) in it to get this avatar.
    • Zafara - Double Agent - This Zafara-themed Avatar requires that a user search the term zafara double agent in the Neopets search bar while having a Zafara Double Agent Plushie (ZDAP) in their inventory. The plushie is quite expensive, costing 2-5 million NP.
    • Grundo - Discarded Plushie - This avatar is gained when you talk to The Discarded Magical Blue Grundo Plushie of Prosperity in Faerieland. It may take a number of tries, as it is a random event.

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