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Furniture is a type of Item that can be placed in NeoHomes. It is sold in Shops all over Neopia and divided into 11 types each with their own styles based on the world where the shop is located.

Furniture Types[edit]


The most basic furniture typed is just called Furniture. They come in many different varieties and patterns, and don't follow any of the "world" themes found in other furniture types.

Brightvale Windows[edit]

Sold at Brightvale Glaziers, the stained glass windows depict images of items, petpets and plot characters not limited to Brightvale.

Desert Pottery[edit]

Desert Pottery is sold in the Lost Desert at Osiri's Pottery and consists mainly of vases, pots, and urns. Items from this shop are decorated with designs similar to the Ancient Egyptian style.

Faerie Furniture[edit]

Faerie Furniture is a shop that can be found in Faerieland. The main colour of this furniture is purple and pink and many items possess Faerie wings as part of the design. The high rarity of furniture sold here means that it is rarely stocked.

Kiko Lake Carpentry[edit]

Kiko Lake Carpentry is a furniture shop in Kiko Lake. Items sold here are made of sea shells, aquatic life, coral, and other water-related materials.

Kreludan Furniture[edit]

Kreludan Furniture is a shop on Kreludor and sells items with a space theme and futuristic design. The main colours of this furniture are orange, grey, and green.

Neovian Antiques[edit]

Neovian Antiques are sold at Chesterdrawers' Antiques in Neovia and themed in the same colonial style. Some items reference the Tale of Woe plot in their description and image.

Petpet Supplies[edit]

Petpet Supplies is a shop in Neopia that sells a range of furniture designed for petpets such as toys, beds and feeders. The designs of the items are often based on various petpets and petpetpets.

Roo Island Merchandise[edit]

Roo Island Merchandise sells furniture visually based on Blumaroos and Dice-A-Roo.

Spooky Furniture[edit]

Spooky Furniture items all have the spooky theme associated with Halloween and the Haunted Woods where the shop is located. Items feature various residents of the Haunted Woods such as the Esophagor and utilize dark colour schemes.

Tyrannian Furniture[edit]

Tyrannian Furniture is another wide range of furniture that varies from sofas to lamps to tables to rugs. There is a shop where Tyrannian furniture can be purchased if it is not retired. This can be found, obviously, in Tyrannia, more specifically the Tyrannian Jungle(the part that is not the plateau. Some of the items can be straw, some stone, some even dung.


  • As of September 2008, there are over 2,000 different furniture items in existence.
  • Although it is a work in pogress, only certain furniture can be placed in either of the two types of NeoHomes (classic vs. newer) rarely is it both.

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